A cross between the words "gut" and "cunt". Meant to describe the mass of flesh that hangs down over a fat chick's crotch and upper thighs in the front.
Did you see that portly mistress riding that scooter? My, what a large gunt she has.
by spood24 August 26, 2008
a roll of fat (on a woman) between the gut and the cunt. this roll usually hides the vagina and sometimes needs to be lifted and moved out of the way in order to have sexual intercourse. the gunt is sometimes referred to as the "peter belly" by african americans.
bill : " man, that ho's gunt was so big that i couldn't even hit that shit, i had to just roll her over and hit that anus instead.
by 0099009976 January 19, 2008
The dreaded gut-cunt. Usually hanging out from beneath a belly-shirt on a girl who has no right wearing one.
Hey, let's play "Spot the Gunt" here at Molly Magees.

We decided to leave when in came a whole girdle of gunts.

That girl has a pretty face, but it looks like she might benefit from an interguntion.
by Matt January 19, 2004
man with ambiguous genitalia who redistributes colloquial phrases as his own.
he's a gunt" incorrectly redistributed as "he's a gunter"
by absolute lads May 15, 2011
The flappy flabby area of skin around the belly..where a woman has had kids, and can't be arsed to sort it out.
Gunt, A woman who has dropped her knickers too much, and had kids.
by jimmer36 February 22, 2011
Gunt : guntis a combination of the words gut and cunt. It can be used in reference to males and females but primarily occurs on females.Gunt is visable when a person has a very large lower abdomen and dons a pair of pants, usually jeans, and the split line of the cunt continues up the middle of the abdomen. Both sides of the lower abdomen protrude beyond the center seam to give the appearance of a giant gut cunt or gunt. Gunt can be avoided by buying a larger sized pants.
Oh my god! Look at him/her, he/she has a gunt, I think it's time to go shopping!
by Beauconneau July 16, 2010
When a woman's stomach hangs over her cunt.
I had a hard time having sex with her because her gunt was in the way.
by yayayacht September 23, 2009

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