n. The bodily feature where a woman's lower abdomen and vulva extend outward due to the woman's obesity.

Generally the condition is predominant on older, fat women. The idea is that the gut and the cunt merge and protrude outwards.

Gunts can be hazardous in preventing the deployment of airbags in cars.

To check if you have a gunt:

1. Place both hands out in front of you.
2. Bend wrists and face palms towards the face and make sure tips of middle fingers touch.
3. Slowly begin by bringing your hands down towards a vertical position at the waist.
4. After bringing the hands down 60 degrees, if they become obstructed or continue to caress the stomach for the remanding 30 degrees, (without changing the configuration of your hands in Step 2) then you have a gunt.
"Check out that woman in KFC, what a disgusting Gunt"

"Sorry lady, if you want to go on another date, your going to have to get on the treadmill and lose the gunt"

"If it wasn't for Cheryls gunt getting in the way of the airbag, she would still be alive today"
by Refreshment Boxx April 04, 2010
similar to (FUVA) the fatty area above a girls vagina, a combination of gut and cunt
Vic "Damn, is Tracy pregnant?"
Curtis "No it's just a gunt"
Vic 'She's got more guts than Evil Knievel man"
by Curtis_74 April 01, 2008
Noun. Occurs when a woman is so large that an overhang of the gut conceals the private area of said woman.
Joe(eating): Oh, Jesus. Look at that Gunt!

Bob(choking): Thanks. Now I can't finish my double-pounder.

Joe: She'll probably finish it off for you.
by StylezBitchley December 15, 2007
The "pooch" that older women get below the belt line. It hangs lower than a man's gut and is not accompynied by the higher-situated beer belly.
Nice gunt. I've always wanted one, but lack the necessary estrogen.
by allen anderson May 23, 2006
when a woman's gut and cunt is covered with so much fat that you can't tell where one ends and the other starts. Similiar to cankles but in your mid-section.
Dayum homie! Yo' girl has the biggest gunt I ever seen!!! How can you find her jewels?
by LiLrAsCaL March 06, 2008
A deposit of fatty tissue above the pubic area in generous sized women.
Maria has quite a gunt on her!
by Craven Moorehead February 23, 2006
Born aboriginal most try to become black through a metamorhpisis called g-unting. Weighing at around 110lbs. they are strictly males and can be identified by their traditional wear of exco or perhaps if stolen sean john and ecko clothing. Traditional dress also includes bandanas and "bling bling" from vending machines. Known for their fierce jaywalking and vandalism most are convicted and/or suspected of arson and/or breaking and entering. Exclusively males, most don't live past the age of 15.
Word of advice: Don't turn your back on a g-unt and your rimzzz.
"J-ru, you freak, go fight that g-unt"
by Clinton Nabis December 31, 2004
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