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Overdeveloped biceps and/or triceps, way out of proportion to the rest of the arm. Also known as 'Popeye arms' or 'prison arms'.
Madonna's got some fearsome guns!
by tigerstripes March 12, 2008
A metal wand muggles use to kill each other.
While muggles have been told Black is carrying a gun.
by iamnotamudblood November 01, 2011
A controller for a console video game system.
Vern came over to fire up some PS3 and brought his own gun.
by CJ Connoy October 22, 2007
the upper arm of a mighty male or very muscley women
omg look at those guns theyd shoot ur face right offi wouldnt go near them, watch out for the guns theyll get ya
by Tom Richardson September 08, 2007
a tool that has been around for centuries, consisting of mainly a grip, body, magazine, and barrel. there are thousands of different guns, or firearms, that exist or have existed, and it was made for one purpose; hurling a projectile at high speeds with as much as a twitch of the finger. guns themselves are not dangerous, unless wielded by someone. (unless you think a gun is just going to fire itself) they are most commonly used by the military, police, and criminals. a gun is a threatening weapon, able to fire a sharp, lead projectile at someone far away from the shooter at high enough speeds to penetrate and possibly exit the body. also used for hunting so that someone can have food, or a trophy. guns can come in any shape, type, function, etc. can be made from many different materials.
The military, the police, criminals, hunters, and militia all use guns.

A gun will only take innocent lives when in the wrong hands.
by A-person_yay March 27, 2014
a weapon that is made from metal that muggles use to kill each other with.
gun: "a sort of metal wand that muggles use to kill each other with."
by TheLovelyLily August 14, 2011
1. A tool comprised of metals that is meant for shooting little pieces of lead called bullets.

2. A common term used nowadays for penis.
I've got a gun, and I'm not afraid to use it!
by John Zhang May 08, 2007