The cause of, and solution to all of life's problems.
Tim: Oh know I shot that guy with my gun.
George: It's ok, just shoot everyone who saw you.
by SirSquashedBeetle January 20, 2013
a sort of metal wand that muggles use to kill each other
Muggles were warned that Sirius Black carried a gun after he escaped from the wizard prison Azkaban.
by anonymeese March 13, 2011
Gun = dick
Rifle = weapon for the killing of animals, foes, people, or just for fun.
"This is my rifle, this is my gun. This ones for shooting, this ones for fun"
by Pizza Kook Kid April 11, 2006
a weapon used for family protection and keepin the king of england outta ur house. also useful for turnin out lights, openin cans, turnin on tvs and other home appliances.

also, guns dont kill ppl. ppl kill ppl. guns just make it way more faster.
King of England: I Dub thee, sir-...
Me: *Bang* Ur dead.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 09, 2005
to gun someone is to diss them..
bitch: yo is that muhfugga gunning you??
bitch friend: dnt gun me muthafugga!! i said dnt be gunning me!!
by supasye February 18, 2005
US slang: a hypodermic syringe used by drug addicts
- What's that?
- What does it look like?
- A gun.
- It is a gun
by Leor2479 June 25, 2010
The device used to make tattoos. Most commonly used by gang members.
While in jail, my cell mate taught me how to make a gun. Now I can gives tattoos to any of my friends.
by reetee August 23, 2009
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