Australian colloquial term to denote an esteemed and relied upon friend, or anyone otherwise who is excellent and formidable with regards some activity. Descended from wartime and comrades who were dependable, trusted and efficient, a 'good gun' to have alongside you.
Jimmy's a gun soccer player. His goals carried the team yesterday.
#son of a gun #good bloke #awesome #hax #elite #expert #gun #team player #good guy #leader
by JoeBloethelotsth June 06, 2007
Australian slang term for a good bloke, reliable mate, or person otherwise admired for being efficient or formidable with regards some pursuit. Descended from wartime, when the word was used for a dependable comrade one was glad to have beside them; a 'good gun'.
> His three goals carried the team that match.
> Yeah, Joe's a gun.
#son of a gun #admirable #hero #awesome #respect
by daneoin June 01, 2007
the male arm, usually bicep, usually large
That guy has the biggest guns I have ever seen!
by golds arlington January 18, 2005
really big muscles that when flexed, have a nice curve to it
Darien has some bangin guns. I just want him to flex them all day.
#muscular #arms #big #muscles #flex
by Duana February 07, 2008
A firearm which contains mechanical parts. The typical gun has a hammer that slams onto a shell full of powder that ignites and causes an explosion sending a metal projectile or projectiles at high velocity.

Some use them for hunting, self defense, crime or a symbol of freedom in america.

No country can be free without the civilians having the right to bare arms against it's own government when the need arises.

There are two types of guns used by most.

Rifle: a gun used for long range and accurate shooting.
Handgun: Used for close quarters, and so you can carry it so you don't advertise to the world you have one. To conceal it you must take tests, written and field to get a permit.

There are other variations but the ideas for them are derived from those two.

Assault rifle: Usually has multiple settings for firing. Single shot for accuracy, triple for chest to head shots to be sure they are going down, and fully automatic, which is typically used for creating cover fire or close quarters.

Sub machine gun: compact easy to move around corners, favorites of swat.

Shotgun: Uses shells filled with buckshot or slugs. Typically buckshot to have a spread. Open choke is used for very close range with the highest spread. Closed for longer shots such as bird hunting, and one for in between to have the best and worst of borth options.

Machine gun: Made to fire many rounds, and not much else.
Guns are very dangerous to people who don't know how to use them, because they will blow their face off.

Stupid people shouldn't own guns, because they will blow your face off.

When a police officer readies his gun for a killing shot, he may experience tunnel vision and lose awareness of everything around him. That is if it bothers him psychologically.
#gun #firearm #rifle #shotgun #projectile
by edicol July 22, 2007
A Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps
Hey Guns how many pull ups did this kid do?
#marine #corps #guns #gunnery #sergeant
by usmc031116 October 28, 2009
a general reference to firearms. However, a more correct term would be rifle or pistol. A more appropriate reference would be to the male anatomy
This is my rifle this is my gun; this one's for fighting, this one's for fun.
by Sidmystic July 29, 2003
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