The constant annoyance for any Blackberry users if they're trying to type the name "Gina". Guns is always the first selection.
Hey Guns.
by concon14 January 24, 2011

The manly adjective. May only be used by men. Means: manly.
Dude, that gun is so gun.
by Manly Man of Men October 25, 2010
1. A tool comprised of metals that is meant for shooting little pieces of lead called bullets.

2. A common term used nowadays for penis.
I've got a gun, and I'm not afraid to use it!
by John Zhang May 08, 2007
4 lbs of pressure and a lifetime of regret.
Is that a gun in that case? Whatcha gonna do with it, huh?
by SFIII May 08, 2013
male genital (penis).
He has a big gun.
by Psycholover June 09, 2011
A tool designed to cause pain and death from a distance, these tool have replaced closed ranged weapons such as swords, dagger, and spears as the primary weapon for humans
man 1: I have a razor-sharpened katana, i can kill anything!
man 2: I have a gun, i can kill you before you even get close to me
by Mrclean214 May 21, 2011
G.U.N. - Guardian Units of the Nation.
Maniacal military organistion, which appears in Sonic Adventure 2.
Military forces include: Helicopters similar in appearance to Russian Hinds, Mechs armed with machine guns, rockets, and laser cannons, Hundreds of robot drones called Hunters, who all seem to have very small feet, and thousands of soldiers, agents, commanders, thieves, news reporters, door-to-door salesmen, etc.
G.U.N. are responsible for the deaths of the research scientists aboard the Space Colony ARK.
Because of this, they will pay.
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