A word that can be implicated into almost any situation and has infinite uses. but one of its main uses is representing cum in jokes about fucking various friends relatives.
1. i gumped joes sister last nite
2. u fucking piece of gump
3. go gump yourself
4. what a gump
5. he gumped him so hard
by gump fool April 15, 2009
a homosexual or someone who has gay tendencies (usually male); another word for faggot used in Washington, DC
That bama is rolling his neck and snapping his finger... he's a gump.
by Army Rick from SE October 13, 2008
i)To sprint, as fast as possible in a straight line towards your goal. Based on the scene in the popular movie, Forrest Gump where he just runs, and runs and runs.

ii) 21st century cockney rhyming slang. Going for a gump, means to go for a dump, or to excrete. Can also be heard as 'going for a Forrest'.
i) Look at that fucker gump. Jesus he's quick
ii) I'm just going upstairs for a quick gump.
by Badgeman November 06, 2006
A Gump is someone who is awkward, uncoordinated,runs funny and may be pretty stupid. It comes from the movie forest gump.
Look at that gump hes running like a giraffe.
by taylor duane June 05, 2007
Verb : To properly and fully whip someone's ass. As seen in the movie Forrest Gump, the two times he lays hands, he punches them until they can't get up. To not stop hitting another person until they are curled up in a ball begging you to stop.
Subject 1: Holy Shit! D'you just see dat fight?
Subject 2: Yeah man, he got his ass beat!
Subject 1: Yeah, he gumped that motherfucker.
by Uhoh Oreo March 04, 2007
The act of sitting on a bench.
"It was such a nice day I had to do some gumping in the park."
by Charface April 05, 2004
A big, sweaty, dirty, hairy, filthy, twat.
Hey, check that bird with her gump out........Gez!
by EdNLew October 22, 2003

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