a lame person in glassport.
Person 1: Dude i just got a holographic Scyther!!

Person 2: Wow your a gump
by chuckyfinster412 August 05, 2010
The clotty residue laying listless at the bottom of the toliet bowl after a menstrating woman uses it. Period clots that sink straight to the bottom of the bowl.
La Ricketta gumped in the toliet and didn't flush, to exert her dominance in an all male household.
by MissBloodySunshine September 17, 2009
a language used by people when they are too high and cannot pronounce words well. so they make up there own for the time being.
"man how baked are you?"

"im scubbin the bad bumps"

"i was so high i just started speaking Gump"
by Bubba Scumpz August 12, 2009
Gay Ugly Motherfucking Punk

esp. in D.C. metropolitan gyms
The old men that you see in the locker room who'd never workout, but stays in the steamroom, sauna, and showers until they look like a raisin trying to get their peeps at you!

"What the fuck is that GUMP looking at?"
by 2 short July 10, 2009
Word used to describe the sidewalk alumni of that hick school in west Alabama. Notorious for bragging about championships won fifty years before he or she was born.
Gump: "We gots trad-shun! The Vance Bait-N-Tackle Shop poll granted us twelve nash-enul champ-enships! ROWE TIDE ROWE!"
Bystander 1: "What is that?"
Bystander 2: "Just some Gump, he will eventually pass out drunk from all that PBR."
by Cheeses Priced May 18, 2008
a tall very noticeably uncoordinated person that tends to trip over inanimate objects such as benches, cracks in the sidewalk, balls, and even their own feet.
Wow look at ellen shes a gump.
by Libby Str January 05, 2007
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