A derogoatory term for an American. (Canadian slang, based on the name of the lead character in the 1994 film Forrest Gump)
I gave this gump some change in dollar coins yesterday and he says "Is this money good in other restaurants?"
by Hon. Joe Clark July 14, 2006
A sissy or homosexual
Look at those two gumps holding hands
by Bigten May 14, 2004
The clotty residue laying listless at the bottom of the toliet bowl after a menstrating woman uses it. Period clots that sink straight to the bottom of the bowl.
La Ricketta gumped in the toliet and didn't flush, to exert her dominance in an all male household.
by MissBloodySunshine September 17, 2009
Gay Ugly Motherfucking Punk

esp. in D.C. metropolitan gyms
The old men that you see in the locker room who'd never workout, but stays in the steamroom, sauna, and showers until they look like a raisin trying to get their peeps at you!

"What the fuck is that GUMP looking at?"
by 2 short July 10, 2009
Word used to describe the sidewalk alumni of that hick school in west Alabama. Notorious for bragging about championships won fifty years before he or she was born.
Gump: "We gots trad-shun! The Vance Bait-N-Tackle Shop poll granted us twelve nash-enul champ-enships! ROWE TIDE ROWE!"
Bystander 1: "What is that?"
Bystander 2: "Just some Gump, he will eventually pass out drunk from all that PBR."
by Cheeses Priced May 18, 2008
a person that is slow, mentally or physically
Josh Woods is a gump.
by Lucas Garcia January 31, 2008
A student, alumni, fan, or follower of the University of Alabama. Originating from the fact that even Forrest Gump gained admission to Alabama; this definition also highlights & explains the inherent stupidity of most Bama fans.
Bama Fan: I tell you what boy, dem Crimsun-Tiiide gonna WHOOP SUM ASS DIS SEESUN!

LSU Fan: I would rank the Tide, at best, third in the SEC West this year.

Bama Fan: I reckon' I didunt hear you, I'm busy polishun our TWELVE national champee-on ship trophy's!

LSU Fan: You haven't been relevant in years, and most of those championships you claim are, in fact, illegitimate.

Bama Fan: Nuh-uh.

LSU Fan: ...fucking Gump.
by Acadien August 10, 2009

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