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Slang for Montgomery, Alabama. Also called Gump-Town and the South Eastern Circle. Rappers: Fat Head, Small Tyme Ballaz, Duece Komradz, King South, Eldorado Red, Killa Katt, Big Hulk and a bunch more. Best places in town to light up is the south-eastern side and the areas along the Southern Boulvard, some killa weed. Examples: Virginia Loop, Woodley, Regency Park, Camelot Apartments, parts of Ridgecrest and parts of Fairfield. The cops here are strict as hell. Watch out for Jump Street too, locals know about that. Lots of unmarked cars and blacked out Chevy SUVs. We're in the center of Memphis, Atlanta, Jacksonville and New Orleans so we always got some good shit going through town.
Im from The Gump where we dip our blunts in syrup and stay x'ed out all night long.
#da gump #gump #gump town #alabama #montgomery
by ssblood May 15, 2010
Street term for clonazepam and klonopin. Usually popped to calm someone's nerves in sketchy situations. 2mg makes you feel like you downed a 12 pack of beer. Very fast acting. Taking too much usually just results in sleep.
I gotta go to the nawfside of town later, you got them clones for me?
#clonazepam #klonopin #clone #pills #drugs
by ssblood May 31, 2010
Any type of amphetamine. Usually popped to get pumped up for something serious or something you would otherwise be afraid to do. Mostly adderall but sometimes vyvanse also. Called anti-freeze because it keeps you from freezing up in situations that could mean life or death.
"The streets is mean so I keep that anti-freeze." -Gorilla Zoe
#amp #amphetamine #adderall #drugs #pills
by ssblood May 31, 2010
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