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adj. (slang)

Used (mainly) to describe the state of drug users after a few too many lines/pills/tabs/hits or combination thereof. Once a person's lower jaw takes on a mind of it's own, seeking only to meet with their eyebrows and beyond, they're Guernsey. That being said, Guernsey is so much more than a word for gurning.
It may also used to describe when something goes badly wrong and variations of this word are perfectly acceptable. For example, please feel free to add an -ing to make a handy verb for any occasion.

Guernsey is also one of the Channel Islands, which is just fine by us.
1. I took so many E's last night, can't remember much but I got really Guernsey.

2. The aircraft pilot came in too steep for landing and for a minute things were all Guernsey.

3. That ice-cream man is really Guernseying my ice-cream, he should be fired.
by Guernsey-Rollers December 23, 2009

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