A form of the most horny dancing imaginable. Guys looking for ass will grind profusely with random girls in order to pursuade them to come home and get some bun action. Involves pushing the male genitalia up the ass of the female.
At the club last nite, I got hammered and was grinding with every girl in there...so much, that my package was sore the next day
by BONE May 03, 2003
On and Off court workouts before and after school is a grind, not fucking math class
Cameron Tehrani grinds out each day working his ass off day and night in the gym.
by Grinderkid April 05, 2011
an act of sexual dancing by a female, inorder to recieve free drinks from those males that she dances with.
Cindy was grinding on Matt...and yep, now he's buying her a drink...sucker.
by Endofside1 October 19, 2003
whist dancing, a person, usually female, while rub her rump on the crotch of a guy. if timed right can lead to the male's orgasm. a form of a dry hump.
yo man, we was doin the grind out there, she can really shake dat ass of hers
by sum guy January 28, 2003
A term used in video games, usually mmorpgs.

To grind is to kill monsters or mobs in an area for the singular purpose of gaining xp (experience points) in order to level, as opposed to farming or completing quest objectives within the game.
I'm just grinding 'till I reach level 40!
by asev April 27, 2006
The point during a long run when your whole body really starts to hurt and you have to really start straining to keep going. You're muscles are running out of glycogen and have to start converting fat into energy.
That 15 miler this morning turned into a real grind at about mile 12.
by heebzxc November 05, 2011

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