A sexual dance, Usually found in clubs
Where a pair dance the ass, rubs against the groin
Boy- You going to that club tomorrow
Girl- Yeah!
Boy- Wanna Grind wit me
Girl- Sure, I owe you ONE grind
Boy- ;)
by Club Gal February 19, 2009
The act of a girl dancing by shaking her ass and a guy going behind her and basically shaking his hips around her ass and humping her with his penis, best if done with a hot chick, big ass, and accompanied by the girl wearing "so lows" Fun if lasts longer than 15 seconds and if the chick knows how to shake her ass. Best if done with dim lighting and alot of alcohol. Usually doesnt earn a boner unless your horny but still fun. Usually done with multiple partners in one night.
As Chuck Norris was grinding Jennifer Lopez he realized her ass wasnt big enough, he then proceeded to roundhouse kick her in the face 3 million times a second times until she was nothing but a flat chested, no booty having mexican (which isnt common), she was then viciously raped by 18 priests.
by The Owner of LOL September 29, 2007
where a guy grabs a girl's waist and moves with her with rap or some other type of music, called grinding because of the "grinding between a guy's crotch and a girl's ass"
Damn, when she was grinding with joey, he was gettin all up in therr.
by dyslexia October 31, 2004
Eat; chew; masticate (from the grinding motion of the molars)
I gotta go grind -- let's get some chow
by Big Steve September 04, 2003
a term for powdered cocaine.

also the sale of drugs.
"I got grind like a cripple, balance weight thru tha hood, kids call me Mr. Sniffles"


(what do cripples have? Cains. Cain->'Caine, cocaine)
by red popper February 17, 2004
A dance performed in which the female protrudes her buttocks, and the male rubs with his genitals, to the beat of accomanying music. Tends to chaff the penis. ouch...
i ginded her so hard, i couldn't fuck her.
by me October 17, 2003
A trick performed in a sport, such as skateboarding, moving along a cornered or thin surface in an unorthodox manner, usually without using the wheels.

Oddly, real-life skateboarders are impressive for grinding a few feet, while in most skateboarding video games, you can grind for half a mile without losing balance at all.
by Kenthar August 10, 2003

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