When a person riding a bike with pegs jumps on to a medal, wooden, or cement object, The pegs slide across the object youve jumped on.
You wanna come grind that bench with me.
by Aladinsane85 March 17, 2005
it's basicly humping with your clothes on. also known as dry humping. some say that if the girl you are grinding with is good enough, the boy could ejaculate. Usually grinding is done while listening to rap music. this form of dance was probably originated by black people.
staci and taylor are the best at grinding. I grinded all night long tonight. Get ready to grind with the best of them.
by George M. February 24, 2005
In a video game, to do a part of the game very quickly to progress through a better part. Can also be used as an adjective, to describe a low quality item or resource.
A player in an online game may fight weenie enemies over and over to get easy combat experience quickly.

Crafter in an online game: NEED TO BUY RESOURCES: GRIND QUALITY! (low quality, sells for a low price)
by certifiedandrew February 04, 2004
when a girl shakes and moves her ass on a guys crotch and the guy moves with her ass
Yo i was grindin on that ass last night
by Matt M. May 27, 2004
Sliding a BMX bike along a surface without actually rolling. There are many variations on grinding including Feeble grinds, Pedal grinds, Peg Grinds etc.
I was practising Grinding in the skatepark.
by ScreamingZombieDub November 22, 2011
Person who takes no pleasure in life, merely lives to work, or study.
Frat Boy1: Damn, is that not a vision of hotness?
Frat Boy2: Nah, she's a grind. Spends all her time at the UC with her nose in a book.
by jay-dub October 22, 2003
it is a dance used alot nower days. its when a female stands in front on a male and wines on their pelivs area. the guy always lets the girl lead. this dance can be done 2 any type of music, but usually 2 slo jamz and soca
trust me gurl me and him was grinding like there was no tomorrow!!
by Deelishas May 04, 2007

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