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5 definitions by lacy

dirty dancing- the girl rubbing her ass on the guys crotch
yo they were grinding all night long out on the dance floor
by lacy May 07, 2003
ignorant white people who like to fight and not finish school. Hobbies include cursing extensively, drugs, and wearing extremely large whife beaters. Traits--too much gel (or is it spit), ugly.
Shania just spit on our floor,that girl is white trash.
by Lacy April 11, 2004
totally hammered= DRUNK!
He was shit HOUSED last night at that party
by lacy May 07, 2003
a special use of a common word in a certain geographical region or a word/phrase particular to a region.
In western PA, people may use the colloquialism "red up your room" to tell a child to clean his or her bedroom.
by Lacy October 08, 2003
The derogatory term used to describe someone who has only achieved 3 E grades at a level the term originated in the small town of nottingaham back in 1703 when the roof thatcher’s boy master miniman achieved this
when some one stupid utters a Profoundly idiotic sentence you then say "you are such an E-boy"
by Lacy December 02, 2004