The person who tells you what you did last night because you were so drunk you don't remember..
Boy 1: Shit man, I don't remember a thing from last night.

Boy 2: Well, I hate to be a grim reaper....but you flashed the police and then gave them the fingers.
by Princess Lolalot March 20, 2011
The tall, dark, and handsome black clad figure that you meet when ur time on this earth comes to an end. He is portrayed as a tall figure dressed in a black cloak and carrying a scythe.

The olden day "Death" rode in a stagecoach pulled by two white horses to his job everyday but now he can be seen riding a Harley with flaming bunnies on the side, each bunny represents a kill for the day.

Contrary to popular belief, this is an actual job. He makes upwards of $80,000 a year and has a KILLER 401k plan.

His weaknesses are Dr. Pepper 10, Gary Busey, and his older brother Super Death. If u wish to avoid his icy embrace then if advise you start drinking Dr. Pepper 10, become friends with Gary Busey, and tell his older brother that he has been in his room.
Guy 1: "Hey bro it's the Grim Reaper! RUN!"
Guy 2: "Don't worry bro he's after that other guy, and not only that but his older brother is hot on his tail."
Guy 1: "Ok good. And did u hear that he has a killer 401k plan?"
by Sir Jamison March 26, 2014
The anthropomorphic personification of Death. Quite a cool character in the Discworld novels. The Guy who takes away your life when you die.
The Grim Reaper is an anthropomorphic personification... He's the skeleton that makes you die :D
by [0.o]The Blue Mongoose[o.0] March 24, 2007
In reference to the Ghost of Christmas Future from, "A Christmas Carol," this is the act of pointing towards the door after a person in your company says something inane.
Friend: My fedora is too tight today
Me: Don't be a douche
Friend: Want to go take some wheat grass shots?
*You Grim Reaper that brony*
by Diagas March 12, 2014
Is a blunt that is overpacked of marry j.
1. "Dammit man, pass that grim reaper."
2. "Shit man, this grim reaper is bangin."
by DeKwon July 05, 2006
A dark soul going around draining peoples lives because it is their time or simply because he wants to do it. He is also known as Death.
Peter Griffin: Darth Vader?
Grim Reaper: No. I am the Grim Reaper. Your soul is due to go to hell.
Peter: Okay hold on let me get the family. This is going to be great!
by Eric Neece July 08, 2005
A blunt that is mega stuffed with weed.
1. "If you keep packin that blunt with weed its ganna be a grim reaper tonight."
2. "Oh shit, I just saw Danny puffin on a grim reaper."
by C - Mac July 18, 2006

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