an overstuffed blunt full of marry j.
"yo, pass me the grim reaper."
"man, you better stop smoking that grim reaper."
by da grim July 06, 2006
the entity i wish to have an emergency appointment with...
-opens the door- o_o hey death, what took ya?
by 379 April 05, 2005
the grim reaper- DEATH WARDEN
comes to take the life of another
~though some may call me mighty and dreadful, thou art not so~
by juggalett July 08, 2005
A grim reaper, also known as death.
From "Monty Python - The" Meaning of Life":

Mr. Death is a reaper.
The Grim Reaper.
Hardly surprising, in this weather. Ha ha ha.
by * E.T. * August 29, 2005
when a person performs oral sex and puts the penis and balls in their mouth at once while also performing analingus.
my girlfriend gave me a grim reaper.
by carrotsalad October 05, 2007
An entity which is able to drain the life of living beings. Always ownz FrankenGoof.
by Grim Reaper March 25, 2003
An alias of Keahft
*listens to Clouds Dome over and over and over again. forgets to write an example.*
by Vamm Goda February 02, 2004

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