a male with an ego too big for his underdeveloped brain. this male never realises his negitive impact on the female kind. He will rarely ever realise how emotionally hurtful he is to the opposite sex. can be associated with any boy/man within the ages 14-18.
the guys in most middle schools are called grease by the girls.
by itvibrates June 21, 2004
The substance i exert from my chode.
by Kyle Cascarano October 17, 2003
beer that is used to space out shots of hard liquor
Man, i had too many shots and not enough grease.
by Sooy May 12, 2007
In Norfolk, ther is a 15 year_old, cathedral cheesley obssesd, no friends, liar and a greasey Tw@ whom lies at school to get people into trouble and suddenly wants em' to be there best mates.
Mix together oil, grease, fryer oil, pork chop, transaction glasses, PC obsessed geek and Pokemon fanatic and you'll get the biggest greasemiester ever
by Craig Moore. November 09, 2005
a movie with tom cruise or some other guy in it...wait that was top gun
john travolta is in grease, he has greasy balls
by fagggggot June 25, 2003
Grease is a word, not THE word.
"Grease is a word, not THE word."
by Chris Ridsdill February 23, 2004
Sweet meth a great time passer when your not sleeping...cause your high, or usefull when doing everyday shit in a boring low population area , Yay!
Yo you got that grease. Hook, I got shit to do.


Man you got some grease, I've been fiending all day!
by tweakedMind October 29, 2014
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