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(Noun) The art of bullshitting/faking like you know how to do something.
When faced with impossibly brutal homework, one learns to perfect the concept of greasing.

"That test was very difficult," said Panjeet. "I had to employ much greasing to survive."
by Indiarn_medafaka11 December 21, 2015
A new craze sweeping the English shires like an agressive rash, Greasing involves giving someone's doorhandle a good bit of ass. Origins of this majestic sport point to Sale, England where "The Bumface" is also thought to have been practiced on a religuous scale.
"Greasing tonight anyone?"
"Ah mate I've just had a shower, I don't fancy getting chafe"
"Well we'll go for a bit of a dance first, get a bit of sweat between those cheeks and you will be primed for a greasing my son"
"Thats what I'm talking about!"
by greasedaddy August 11, 2008
eating, as in greasy food
We went to McDonalds and did some serious greasing
by fido November 04, 2004

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