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collective term used to describe a group of porto ricans.
i dont like going to the north end anymore. too much grease and it makes me nervous.
by dave4817 June 30, 2004
1. The shortened term for a Greaser. Often used like a nickname.

2. A movie made in the 70's about a Square wanting to date a Greaser, staring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

3. Oils from your hair when it hasn't been washed in a few days.

4. Lubricant used in a car to make sure nothing overheats.

1. "Thanks for the help Grease."

2. "Did you guys see Grease last night on VH1?"
"Yeah, it's been playing all month."

3. "Did you see Shebly's hair? It has all that grease in it."
"Looks like she doesn't wash her hair as often as she should."

4. "Did you grease up the car?"
"Sure did, boss."
by Mademoiselle Bettie Page August 09, 2006
a player who is quite greasy, son of grease sr., and nephew of king grease.
pizza goalie's teammate number 11 is quite better than him. uper layer of the foodchain in pigeon.
by beast October 22, 2003
lube or sticky stuff.
better grease up you heap gook!!
(also see heap and gook)
by jackie loves vinny July 05, 2003
a male with an ego too big for his underdeveloped brain. this male never realises his negitive impact on the female kind. He will rarely ever realise how emotionally hurtful he is to the opposite sex. can be associated with any boy/man within the ages 14-18.
the guys in most middle schools are called grease by the girls.
by itvibrates June 21, 2004
The substance i exert from my chode.
by Kyle Cascarano October 17, 2003
beer that is used to space out shots of hard liquor
Man, i had too many shots and not enough grease.
by Sooy May 12, 2007