in the sense of talking it not taking one.
Yo he was talking mad grease.
by Rocoooo April 08, 2006
to kill another person esp. in a shootout, with a handgun.
grease those mother fuckers
by mikehunt8710 January 08, 2006
Marijuna consumption
Lola brought some grease over to my house.
by daniel cliff January 05, 2009
another word for butter or margarine. Originated by my grandfather, who's from the London area.
<I>Now that I have my dinner roll, can you please pass the grease?</I>
by veryhotwing March 05, 2005
A dazzling move performed in NHL 08 (not sure if used in 09) which involves a player in the game carrying the puck in front of the net and shooting far side. It is a move that 80% of the time works 40% of the time. A move invented by some greasy canadians but has been perfected by members of the waterloo black hawks in the united states hockey league.
"Edzo, use the grease"!!
"Nuge Kid that was some awesome grease"
"Moffie to Beebe, for the grease goal"
by Waterloo Black Hawks September 02, 2008
This my friends is the new definition of thickness. Use this word to describe how curvy a woman's body is.
One guy says to another man, "Dang boy, you messing with that GREASE!!!"
by tha Kidd March 24, 2008
70's movie in which a bunch of 30 year olds infiltrate a high school, and no-one is suspicious of this. The moral message of the film is that you should completely change your image and personality to hook up with hot guys.
Grease is a ridiculous movie, but always entertaining no matter how many times you watch it.
by rach1664 August 30, 2007

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