The most amazing girl in the whole entire world.
Ali: "Hey there"
Grace: "Heeey"
Ali: "Your amazing."
Grace: "Yeah i know."
by Alysia Becker September 03, 2008
A loving, beautiful, smart girl who is one of the most caring people you will ever meet. She thinks of others first and always wants them to be happy. She is very funny and can make you laugh, even when you feel depressed. She is extremely beautiful and a wonderful girlfriend. When she falls in love with you, she really is in love with you, and will be for a long time. She will never betray you and will be one of the most trustworthy people you will ever meet.
Grace is the best girlfriend I've ever had!
by RaquelRobbie:D August 01, 2011
A beautiful, hot girl that most people like. She is funny, slammin body, and flirts with a lot of guys. She has an outstanding voice, and she likes to play sports.
That girl is so amazing, she looks like her name should be Grace!
by 0-980-1983-09384-02938 April 05, 2011
1. The type of girl that every guy loves and every insecure girl hates.

2. The most loyal friend or girlfriend anyone could hope and pray for. A Grace will encourage, motivate and believe in you when no one else does. By her sheer will alone as a result of her love you will achieve greatness.

3. A one-of-a-kind original. If you ever meet a Grace, you will never forget her. She draws you in like a moth to a flame, her effervescent personality will charm even the most hard-hearted. She'll make you laugh, make you think and sometimes make you cry. But one things for sure, she will make you feel something.

4. Mysterious. You can spend your whole life and will never fully understand the depths of a Grace. She's like the ocean, only few can make it to explore all of her mysteries. She's simultaneously open and aloof, free-spirited and guarded. If you don't know her you've probably got it ALL wrong. But if you get to know her, you'll never, ever be the same.
1. Insecure girl- Oh no, that girl is smarter, prettier, hotter, more talented, more interesting and kinder than I am.

Honest guy- yeah she is kind of amazing, that's Grace.

Insecure girl- *crying in jealousy* I'll make up vicious rumors and hate on her in hopes it will make me feel better about myself

2. Guy- Man, when I had no one and nothing Grace was there for me.

Guy 2- Wow, dude she sounds awesome.

3. I've never met anyone like her, that girl's such a Grace!

4. There's a place where one blue rose grows among the dandelions. No one knows how it got there, but we're so glad it came. It's such a Grace.
by TheAmazingAnonymous December 31, 2011
a) A prayer before meals.
b) Tact or smoothness of action.
d) Three sister goddesses of Greek Mythology
c) A girl's name.
a) The father led them in grace before they ate.
b) My mother says I have no social grace.
c) I was granted my devilish good looks through the will of the Graces
d) I dated Grace for a couple months before she dumped over the phone after I had spent 4 weeks at a summer program. Now I am pissed and want my sushi back.
by The Great White Joo July 28, 2006
A girl that shows elegance and intelligence with a touch of swagg.
Damn yo, that girl be a Grace. She is a one of a kind, look at that.
by ohhitsjustlauren April 03, 2011
An amzingly intelligent girl who is very enthusiastic and wise. She is one of the hottest things to ever walk this planet, and most people's jaws drop to the ground when they see her, in awe of her radiating beauty. No doubt one of the best all-round people you will ever meet. Smart, funny, pretty, sporty and really easy to talk to.
Definitely better than anyone called Michael.
omg Grace is so cool
by GRACEISAWESOME July 06, 2011
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