The receiving or experiencing of anything that is beneficial.
The feeling of success, wholly from enjoying an experience.
'A Gift from The God'
That was Grace.

Extra pieces in a KFC bucket is Grace.

Getting let off early shift is Grace.

Holidays is Grace.
by Jeremy Jonusas October 08, 2008
giving kindness or love to someone despite their wrongdoings. Unmerited favor.
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God-not by works, so that no one can boast. Eph 2:8-9
by Shumado November 29, 2009
The most amazing girl ever born on the Earth with huge determination in everything and always succeeds. And she loves anime a lot, especially the cute guy in Kodomo no Omocha
hail Grace
love Grace
Grace is your master
by glalamango December 25, 2010
You wish you were as great as a Grace. They are usually drunk in public and use their "sweetness" to get what they want, but there is NEVER a dull moment with her. Grace WILL be famous so watch out world. A natural born leader who loves life and lives each day as if it were her last. Everybody loves Grace and wants to be like her. Grace is so gorgeous she breaks hearts on a daily basis. People admire her fun qualities and outlook on life and the people in it. Aren't you jealous you aren't a Grace!
"Whoaaaa did you see that girl just pass by?!! She leaves glitter and fireworks everywhere she goes!!!"

"Oh yeah man that's just GRACE!
by ilovegrace November 15, 2010
Grace is a girl who thinks that she isn't as amazing as she really is. She is a neat freak and can spend hours cleaning. She is very pretty and has a perfect smile. She is smart funny and laughs like everything is a joke. Sometimes when she puts herself down it can be annoying but you know that you love her even when she makes you mad. She likes to flirt so watch out. She is going to a new school so I will miss her a LOT! Love you Grace <3
Girl: Hey is that Grace over there?
Guy: Yeah "dreamily"
Girl: You should go talk to her.
Guy: She would never go for a guy like me.
Grace: Hey what's up?
Guy: "faints"
by miss you girlllie August 03, 2011
A lovely girl with a great nature. She has many friends which trust her and depend on her for many things. She is a graceful person, who loves to dance alone. Grace is quite a smart girl, who will work very hard later in life. She has a long slendour body, and is friendly to everyone.
by silentgirl101 August 19, 2011
Grace is a truly amazing person. She comes off quiet, but once you get to know her, she opens up to you. Se will often leave a trail of glitter and sparkles, and fireworks pop all around her when she laughs. Shes smart, funny, and a wonderful person. Just try to say something to her, no matter what it might be. You can always trust her, no matter what. She is an overal wonderful person.
Person 1- i have a huge problem.
Person 2- go talk to grace, she can help

person 3- whoa! who is that?!
person 4- oh thats just grace
person 5-JUST grace?!?! shes freaking amazing!!
person 4- i guess ive never really talked to her before...
person 3- well lets go now!!
by ILoveYou,YesYou November 14, 2011
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