A gorgeous goddess among humans, she is one in a trillion
The goddess Grace, there is no one else on her level
by pierrefromfrance October 20, 2012
1. A female name
Grace is a naturally beautiful, quiet, slightly awkward, yet graceful girl who is difficult to get to know. She's very sweet, and she's a good girl, so she doesn't drink, hook up with guys, do drugs, smoke, or party. She's also fiercely independent and strong. However, she does want true love, and she's not interested in romance just for the sake of it. She wants the love of a soulmate. Grace is intelligent, but she's not good at everything. Grace has a natural talent for singing and language arts, but she struggles with math and science. Sometimes, she can be annoying when she is self-critical and critical of others, but she usually means well and wants to improve herself or someone else. However, she's always quick to realize her mistakes and apologize to those she's hurt. No one can stay mad at her for too long because she's very sincere and humble.
Grace is a quiet good-girl, and she's a refreshing change from all those obnoxious, nasty two-faced bitches.
by AliceKettle July 27, 2014
An amazing absolutly gorgous grl. She is amazing and can make anyone laugh!!!
Grace is gorgous grace is a sexy juicy babe!
by Anonymous October 11, 2003
A beautiful goddess. Known as the second goddess of love and beauty. Anyone who sees her will think she is so beautiful and want to talk to her. She usually has a friend that betrays her. But it is her loss because grace is awesome. Grace is not very popular but is well liked and has great manors. She loves dogs. What other people thinks is weird or gross she usually thinks its cool. She usually has a friend thats name starts with a J she and her/him will be best friend. They will have a very successful band.
"hey grace"

"ur so pretty"

"thank you"

"how are you doing"

"im doing well, thank you"
by Awesomemicawesomechick May 28, 2013
A swegg monster who often beats up the male race. She is thought to be a close relative of the single pringle. If you touch her hair all hell will break loose
I went to the amazon an was almost killed by a grace
by A researcher March 16, 2014
A young and beautiful girl who will do anything to make her friends happy. She is very shy, but when she is around her friends she is wild and fun. Whenever you need a good laugh or a shoulder to cry on, Grace is there. Grace is one of the best people you will ever meet.
Jake- Who's that girl over there?
Sarah- Her name is Grace!
Jake- No wonder! She's beautiful.
by ilovetosleep April 03, 2014
If you know a Grace,you know how amazing she is. Funny,smart,beautiful (very beautiful),and easily lovable. A great friend that you must have. They can help you through times and make you smile when you are depressed. If you know a Grace,be nice to her. It'll be worth it to have a great friend by your side.
Girl 1: "Omg,there's Grace. Isn't she so cool?"
Girl 2: "Yaas."
Girl 3: "I'd go lesbian for her."
Girl 2: "Omg,same."
Girl 1: "Same."
by Do_vah_kiin September 26, 2014

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