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GOR is an abbreviation for Girls on Reserve. Commonly used among adolescent boys in middle to upper class areas when describing a girl that they can get on their dick at any time. GOR is an easy and efficient way to let the other guys around you know that you have claimed this "GOR" without alerting the girl that she was actually your Girl on Reserve.
Person 1 "Zach has so much fucking GOR"
Person 2 "Yeah I know, he gets so many fucking bitches it's INSANE"
by EliteSquall February 07, 2014
Short for Gorgeous. Could be used when riding in a car and yelling to random pedestrians.
Hey Gor, lookin good!
by cookiepussy April 08, 2007
A versatile adjective that can be used to denote any sentiment from "rull great" to "rull shitty"
K: I decided to do a double major in computer science and journalism.
A: That's gors

A: I just watched last night's episode of The Office. Rull gors.
K: Word.
by angchad October 16, 2010
1. A person incapable of restraining themselves from gobbling every male in a 2 mile radius.
2. A doctor
Wow Suzy really turned into a gor at the party.
by tehend June 22, 2011
Someone who cannot speak to a proper dialect and resorts to using an 'o' instead of an 'a' as they are so posh
"What are you like doing tonight gor?....go fuck yourself"
by horricanus May 31, 2009
Of or having to do with being a burger bitch.
gor: can i have a whopper?
man: no we dont sell them anymore
gor: this aint buger king its burger bitch!
by juicay February 15, 2008
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