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1. a term used to show one's excitement due to epic ownage of another person and or persons.

2. a boisterious declaration of one's superiority in Madden.
Guy: "I called my girl today from my new number."
Dude: "yeah, and?"
Guy: " I picked up the phone with my sexy voice telling her to come over."
Dude: "lookin' to get blowed?"
Guy: "of course. she says, 'i'll be right over, John.'"
Dude: "your name isn't John."
Guy: "I know."
Dude: "Gotyobitchass!"

Bro: "I almost won this time, mom"
Bro's mom: "what was the score, honey?"
Bro: "35-7."
Bro's mom: "Gotyobitchass!"
by Shaw. June 22, 2009

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