An entire sub-culture of weeaboo teenagers dedicated to the destruction of the emos, wether they call themselves emo, or others say they are (such as myself). Typically funny, backlash can still be incured if their favorite band or RPG is put down even once. Fun to be with, but possibly abbrasive.
theres this goth chick i like, but she seems to have a blood feud against me. that and she thinks my taste in games sucks
by an emo, so says everyone else August 04, 2008
If you call yourself this, you're probably a poser.
You probably seek to make yourself seem different and show your individuality... although, ohwait. Now you look just like all the other "goths".
You also probably like to say you don't care what anyone thinks, though you spend a hell of a lot of time doing your makeup and hair whenever you go out.
It's also very likely that you're overweight and bisexual.

Many "goths" also hate that people treat them differently and "pick on them", and get sad/angry about it.
poser goth:"Why do people treat me differently all the time? *sniff*"

Joe:"Probably because you look like a corpse."
by mydefinitionisbest. January 28, 2009
goths are not dark, depressing and all that, im called a goth nearly every day, i hang round with goths, skaters, emos, chavs, everyone really. i dont dress in black because im always depressed i wear it 'cause i want to, and i have never seen anyone wear an outfit anything like one of mine. yes i do get depressed sometimes but i can also be insanely hyper, which i am most of the time, yes i do listen to heavy rock, death metal, emo, screamo.... but i do also have a massive RnB CD, althoug addmittedly i dont listen to that as much as i listen to rock, yes i do know goths that cut themselves but i also know alot of preppy girls that do to, and these are the same girls that diss goths and call them 'f**kin wrist slitters' when only one or two people in our group of well over 20 in school do actually cut themselves. if any groups dont get along round here its goths and chavs, but like i said, i get along great with some and hang aruond with them all the time. i do wear eyeliner and i know boys that do to, people say all goths and emos are depressing but were just the same as everyone else out there, just we have a different stle of clothing. to me it seems the other way around, when im out with my 'goth' friends i have loads of fun as they are the craziest and most hyper people i'v ever met, but then i see a group of 'chavs' sat on a wall lookin gloomy only for them to turn around and say something about depressing goths(no offence, some are awesome). i can accept anyone or at least give them a chance, but no one accepts me because of the way i dress. We live in a world where no matter what someone says, does or wears you will be stereotyped, and there will always be someone out there who will dilike something, if not everything, about you and your group of friends and the people you talk to. surely if a 14 year old girl can see that there is no difference between herself and anyone else, why cant the rest of the world be the same instead of having a verbal war waging between groups?
im not the stereotype goth and very few are, im not from an upper class family, im not a complete idiot, ima christian and go to church(!)and no its not a satanic church, i dont smoke or do drugs. im just a normal kid with an individual sense of style and music preference, the same as every other teenage goth really.
One who scorns corporations, conformity, and the latest fashion trends. Most commonly found at malls - the biggest corporations of conformity that house the latest fashion trends.
Jimbo: I hate people who buy and wear clothes that conform to a particular lifestyle.
Joseph: Same here. Hey, do you want to go get some black jeans with a lot of unneccessary pockets and chains to show off our goth lifestyle?
Jimbo: You read my mind.
by paparazzi July 16, 2006
1. A wedding style.

2. A type of poetry literature. Originated in 1960. Was a dissapointment to the idealistic roman poets.

3. A time period that was divided into two times. The early gothic and the late gothic.

4. Someone who is goth is most likely dark and sinister. They usually listen to death metal with anti-christian lyrics. This is who they are. Some of them wear a necklace with something that looks like a cross but it isn't. It is called an ankh. It is a symbol of regeneration. It was supposably created for Egyption Vampires..? Although Goth has little to do with religion, they are sinister. If a "Goth" doesn't fit into one of these, they are most likely a poser.

Goths are not any better or any less than anyone else. They dress different and act a little different. But they have just as much normality on the inside as everyone else.
by n o r t h August 09, 2006
Conforming to non-conformism...
Yeah, sure.
Despite what may have been said about goths, they do not "conform to the non-conformist" lifestyle. Those people are the preps, townies, emos, and the like. These people (the conformists) take the original nature of gothic culture and package it into things like metallica who, despite what some fans might like to believe, were sellouts from the very beginning; taking dirty, hard, and soulful music and predigesting it for consumption by the masses.
The pseudo-noir culture, based off gothic culture, is lecherous and destructive to the goth image; trying to scare people by combining cultism, mob tactics, goth, and emo lifestyles into one big fake dark smudge.
The darkly dressed man sitting in the corner and drawing, reading, or wrapped up in deep thought is probably a goth.
by Alienkitten August 07, 2005
Of course, the Goths were a medieval tribe who sacked Rome. They are also a subculture full of morons who decide one day that they like "dark" things in order to fit in.

Now, to address the issue of so-called "intelligent, true nonconformists interested in the dark side of things": if they were truly interested in individuality and free thought, they wouldn't categorize themselves in a subculture and confine themself to that definition. Nor is it acceptable to say that there are MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF GOTHS OMG. If you're comfortable in your person and in your views and beliefs, you probably won't be calling yourself a goth in the first place, nor being accused of being one. Therefore there isn't really much of a need to even haughtily deny in between puffs of clove cigarettes, "I'm NOT a goth!"
"Stupid Goths always trying to sack my city."
by penguinaut May 02, 2005

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