Conforming to non-conformism...
Yeah, sure.
Despite what may have been said about goths, they do not "conform to the non-conformist" lifestyle. Those people are the preps, townies, emos, and the like. These people (the conformists) take the original nature of gothic culture and package it into things like metallica who, despite what some fans might like to believe, were sellouts from the very beginning; taking dirty, hard, and soulful music and predigesting it for consumption by the masses.
The pseudo-noir culture, based off gothic culture, is lecherous and destructive to the goth image; trying to scare people by combining cultism, mob tactics, goth, and emo lifestyles into one big fake dark smudge.
The darkly dressed man sitting in the corner and drawing, reading, or wrapped up in deep thought is probably a goth.
by Alienkitten August 07, 2005
Of course, the Goths were a medieval tribe who sacked Rome. They are also a subculture full of morons who decide one day that they like "dark" things in order to fit in.

Now, to address the issue of so-called "intelligent, true nonconformists interested in the dark side of things": if they were truly interested in individuality and free thought, they wouldn't categorize themselves in a subculture and confine themself to that definition. Nor is it acceptable to say that there are MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF GOTHS OMG. If you're comfortable in your person and in your views and beliefs, you probably won't be calling yourself a goth in the first place, nor being accused of being one. Therefore there isn't really much of a need to even haughtily deny in between puffs of clove cigarettes, "I'm NOT a goth!"
"Stupid Goths always trying to sack my city."
by penguinaut May 02, 2005
goth-A sweet stile were peolple dress in black and talk about dieing and pain
look @ marilyn manson he is so goth he farts out spiders.
by gothikmonkey555 October 29, 2007
1) A person that was part of an old Northern European group. This group was extremely Christian and designed many great churchs that are still used today.
2) very stupid people who think they are goth just because they dress in black, even though they are usually atheists, agnostics, or loose christians. These people are often homosexual.
3) a term that is used when talking about a person who likes to dress in black.
1) I'm glad that I belong to a Gothic church.
2) Fred: hey Jerry, guess what? I'm a Goth
Jerry: no, your an idiot.
3) Hey that kid is a Goth because he dresses in black!
by Xakaryus December 26, 2006
A label people give to themselves to see themselves in a certain way, and/or to hope that other people will see them in this way also. There are many definitions of dress-code and personality types, (some would say that they are really creative and intelligent, others would say that they are people who have experienced more pain than most people) but it's just a label that was invented by ordinary people and for ordinary people, probably out of attention-seeking. Now the word seems to be spoken in two ways: As an insult to people who seem this way, and by people who are this way to describe themselves or maybe friends of theirs.
Example I:
-"Hey, there's that stupid goth."
-"Yeah, what an asshole. Let's throw stuff at him/her."

Example II:
-"Oh yeah, I am SUCH a goth."
-"Can you define 'goth' for me, then?"
-"*Insert one of thousands of definitions here*"
by necrosmash April 12, 2006
a rebel too "tough" to become and emo
look at tom, he's such a goth with his rebellious haircut, rebellious music, rebellious clothes, rebellious speech, and rebellious make-up
by (blank)______ January 03, 2009
People need to quit saying "Oh, goths are unique, creative people!' Then why are there many other people that dress like them!?! Exactly! Anyway, I'll give you a def. Goths are sadistic people who wear black and red and have 1000 piercings and worship Satan and get a kick out of everyone who is afraid of them.

Goths also like to cover their face with their hair so they bump into walls.
Person: AHHHH!!

Goth: Haha, oops, bumped into wall.
by ChemicalBee December 23, 2008
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