the only real cool people.
Us goths are different than the rest of the world.
by Jack Miskovsky September 19, 2007
Anti-conformist conformists.

Goth1: Down with conformity!
Goth2: Down with conformity!
Goth3: Down with conformity!
Goth4: Down with conformity!
Goth5: Down with conformity!
Goth6: Down with conformity!


by Guido Fawkes August 09, 2006
1. A barbaric tribe that brought down Rome centuries ago.

2. A currently religion easily mixed up with Pagan.

3. Stereotypically, people who dress in dark, morbid clothes and listen to goth and industrial bands.
Goth Bands: Sisters Of Mercy, Bauhaus, Joy Division, London After Midnight, The Damned, Mission UK, etc.

NON-Goth Bands: Evanescence, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Linkin Park, KoRn, etc. The Cure is New Wave, NOT goth! They were only goth rock for ONE album!
by Bloodshed August 17, 2004
Goths are a label for people who think its halloween everyday. xD
Goth people wear stuff like Scary capes, boots, wigs, face paint.
by BRITTANY :D November 01, 2008
Something Emo people call themselves when they realize how ridiculous they are, and want to project a harder edge.
I'm sure into alot of crap.

goth goth goth.
by LivesInCellarWithRatsAndMom August 18, 2008
A fascination with death and the morbid. The style of goth, which some goths may or may not wear, often includes black hair, pale skin, large quantities of metal jewelry, piercings, etc.

Some goths may be considered posers for they dress in the gothic style in order to gain attention and to be "different." The irony in this lies that they are all different, and thus all the same.
I was horrified to find it becoming a "trend" to be gothic in the United States and in Europe.
by Chalk Outline May 28, 2005
An entire sub-culture of weeaboo teenagers dedicated to the destruction of the emos, wether they call themselves emo, or others say they are (such as myself). Typically funny, backlash can still be incured if their favorite band or RPG is put down even once. Fun to be with, but possibly abbrasive.
theres this goth chick i like, but she seems to have a blood feud against me. that and she thinks my taste in games sucks
by an emo, so says everyone else August 04, 2008

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