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Goths are a group of people who are just being themselves and in most cases don't actually label themsevles goth ( they are against labels in general)goth people are often artistic in some form and very creative. goth people are not super depressed people who decide to ware all black to piss off their parants (those who do this are posers). they are their own culture and would rather be themselves then fit in amoung a cookie cutter society.
Also most people asume they can't have fun, guess what they do have fun and laugh just like everyone else.
oh my god i'm going to be goth and be depressed and ware al black and like rebel against eerything
you are such a poser
by Pandora Lavon March 02, 2006
9 13
A clique that was created in the eighties. A Goth is a person who’s similar to an Emo, but less “Whiny”. The whole Goth culture surrounds the concept of being “unique” (against conformity) and hating the mainstream. These people are highly hypocritical in the sense that they claim to go against conformity yet conform to the Goth lifestyle. Due to the overwhelming amount of depressed teenagers in the world, being Gothic no longer goes against the mainstream. They have become part of the mainstream society and thus must conform to become a Goth.
"Goth's need to learn to shut up and try fixing their problems instead of whining about them"
by MichaelO. May 27, 2005
10 14
1) The people who truely ARE goths

2) The people who claim to be goths (usually posers 'cause no one liked them) ... yet listen to linkin park, simple plan and Good Charlotte because they are Dark/metal O.o ..
1) Wow, goths are pretty cool!

2) Posers are lame... like linkin park
by gay April 07, 2005
17 21
Victim of stereotypes.
Your just pissed off because my lifestyle looks cooler than yours.
by Jack The Stripper October 17, 2003
26 30
now: a growing middle/high school clique that has taken in many loner teens. they usually listen to bad music, but most are pretty cool people. they dont really do anything bad now, they just are being themselves. they seem alright to me, except for the scary ones.
"goths" can be pretty cool people, except the like real frightening ones.
by Marshie April 02, 2004
16 21
the incorrect term used to describe/stereotype people who wear black, hate people, and listen to metal. They may also be suicidal. The goths were actually a people who invaded the roman empire.
even though marilyn manson is awesome, he is not a goth. Goths should have a new stereotypical name.
by a1steaksauce October 23, 2005
14 20
the only real cool people.
Us goths are different than the rest of the world.
by Jack Miskovsky September 19, 2007
5 12