Goth, although once an expression of individuality, is now a commercial image sold by big business. They now have shops such as Emily the Strange that promote and sell the goth image. If you shop at such places you are buying something that everyone can have and probably does have. Ergo, you are not a true goth who wishes to be individual.

Goth, as well as many other social groups, is a box that people are put in so we can organise society. People are labelled to make it easier for others to relate to them. I exhibit many chracteristics of a goth (outlook of the world, sense of humour ect,) but am I one? No. This is because I choose not to buy into a commercial image that has been ruined by our "friends" big business and lemming teenagers.

So, if we follow this philosiphy, everyone who calls themself a goth is a poser and everyone who dresses like a goth is just buying into a commercial entity and is therefore a sellout and a poser.
Goth: I'm so individual I dress and act just like all my friends because society tells me to.
Goth is not a heavy death anorexic mopey fiend who wears black all the time. Being goth is like when you used to be in dysfunctional situations before. We didn't choose to be gothic, it chooses us instead. Poseurs claim to be goth just because they wear black and listen to the so-called goth music. They don't even know the definition. That's terribly pathetic.

I became goth because I was adapted to the paranormal world since I was little. My family was the victim of black magic. Yes, I'm not a depressing goth. I used to be depressed, but not anymore.

Goths are not satanists! Well, maybe some of them are. I have my own religion (Islam). Gothic is like a medium where you can meet other people having the same experience like you (no matter what religion they are).

Goths are actually intellectual and intelligent people. They wear black. But not all the time. Goth is all about the attitude and your experience in life. Goths are intellectual, creative, and artistic people (most uneducated goths are poseurs!). They writes poetry and reads gothic literature.

I study Biology, Information Technology, Chemistry, Physics, English For Science And Technology. Does this proves that I'm uneducated and stupid? Being goth doesn't mean you don't listen to other types of music. I listen to Marilyn Manson, My Chemical Romance, Bjork, and Slipknot. They're not goths, but I like their music. So what?
Poseur 1: Owh my goth, I love boys with fringe. That's so goth!

Poseur 2: Shut up, I'm tryina slit my wrist here.

Poseur 1: And, boys with eyeliner.

Poseur 3: Well, I'll try overdosing instead.
by Siti Noraisyah A.R. May 06, 2006
a goth is some1 that listens to heavy metal/emo/rock/death metal/goth music. despite wot chavs say about goths they dont all wear long black leather coats and worship satan. goths just dont like to be in wiv the latest fasions nd listen to r&b nd hip hop music. a goth is actually a very nice person and probally alot nicer to speak to than a chav coz a goth is just some1 being theirself unlike a chav that trys to be sumthing and some1 they aint.
my friend has just became a goth but hasn't realli changed that much to be honest she has became a nicer person
by drowning-depression July 20, 2005
a goth is someone who would hate to be thought of as someone "like them."
"Them" being both Trendies and Townies. they dress the way they do as a statement to the general public so they will not mistake their inclinations.
most goths think that nu-metal is the scourge of modern society and think that the world might just be bearable if there were no townies,Trendies,preppies, jocks, murderers or hatemongerers.

"Goth is a state of mind...meaning everyone you dont hate."
by Steerpike Sister May 15, 2003
someone who wasn't hugged enough as a child.

goths like to pretend they were unfairly outcasted by society, when in reality they are socially inept and intolerant of most mainstream culture. they think that people who enjoy things such as mtv are brainwashed idiots instead of realizing that goths themselves are the ones who are trying too hard to fit the mold of a stereotype. goths also like to pretend that they, at heart, are more approachable and make better friends than your average prep because they're "intelligent", when in reality they use their pseudo-intellectual bullshit as an excuse to put themselves on a pedestal and act like they're so much greater than the rest of the world.
goth - "you laugh at me because i'm different, but i laugh at you because you're all the same"

normal person - "right, because you and all your friends don't dress exactly alike and listen to the same shitty music."
by Flipyoutoo July 10, 2008
1. poser goth.who immediatly labels themselves goth without a clue what it is.
2. the religion which tecnically is demonicai, it was called the second goth.
3. the germeric tribe.
4. the style. e.g clothes, music e.t.c
5.the fuckin label that people use on me. i let them think what they want.
6.the personality. e.g natural goths e.t.c
7. a term preps use to describe anyone who is differant to them.
8. if u can thing of any more, add a definition.
prep- u fucking goth
me- what?
prep- r u a fucking goth or a fucking emo?
me- what the hell r u on about.
prep- yeah, u fucking goths know all about hell dont u?
me- f off.
by city girl thorn January 12, 2008
One of the few respectable subcultures in that they're not retarded children who must make themselves the center of attention by moaning about slight imperfections grossly romanticized (emo) or equally stupid lemmings who try to follow random, often mixed up, misinformed and ignorant stereotypes surrounding certain subcultures (scenesters). Goths are truly artistic and are often very friendly and intelligent once you get to know them. They are often demonized by high school councilors who act like they have a fork stuck up their ass and mainstream media-slaves because of their popular association with Counter-culture religions and philosophies(i.e. Lucifinarianism, Wicca, etc.) this presumption is more often than not untrue and just goes to show how ignorant people can be.

Goths are often misunderstood because dispite artistic flavor and expression, it is often manifested in masochistic/sadist themes. And if you can't appreciate darker forms of expression, art, music and writing, go fuck yourself you pretentious little fucknut.

Goth is also respectable in that it's not about non-comformity. It's about free expression, not just shitting out reasons to stand against mainstream ideas just for the hell of it. People have reasons not to comform. And those who do it because they think that the mainstream is stupid or pretentious and ignorant or because they believe that that's just not who they are should be respected. But those who fake personalities and look up reasons to go against popular thinking in urbandictionary should be dragged behind the gym by Varsity football and beaten until their intestines start to spill from their mouth.
The kids who eat lunch by themselves, perhaps play with sharpies, may or may not have body tattoos or piercings (each to his/her own choice) take several art-based (fine art included) classes, hate preps and seem to be having more fun than most people.

The fucknuts who think that dressing in black and scratching copious amounts of eye-liner on and chanting about the rise of Satan to eat everyone's testes and ovaries makes them a non-comformist goth.
by Rousseau, King of Anarchy February 04, 2007

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