Goth is a lifestyle which is much stereotyped by many teens who are posers, the lot. It is a style of living that entails being dark, romantic, poetic, artistic, mysterious, calm, sometimes sad, stuff.
I am gothic because I go to hottopic (loser)
I consider ymself to be gothic. I am.
by Toxie June 02, 2004
A goth is someone who hate to be labled. Therefore they would NOT say they are goth. A goth is someone who is very creative and expresses themselves through art and their clothing. A goth can NOT be a prep. A goth CAN be a 12 year old, because a goth is someone who is true to themselves and always act lie you have a problem with that?
Prep: You are SUCH a goth.
Goth: Thank you!
by Becca April 09, 2004
Alot of people have added what a goth really is, a thoughful caring person, and some other chavs have added some hate mail you find down the bottom of the page...
I'll say what i think makes a goth
The biggest virtue is of course, selflessness.
A goth wont lower themselves to looking at people and saying "chu looking at??" then promptly begin beating them up... well only if they outnumber their prey two to one, thats called a chav people.
Secondly, goths are creative thoughful people who have very colourful personalities.
Goths don't resort to typing like this: "hey, u kk?" "ye i fine ta", we actually bother to speak proper english.
A goth wont also think that they are the most important person in the world or act like cowards, (i.e. chavs).
We also dress what makes us happy, we dont care if you say its not "in" we dont care whats "in".
You might think at this time im being a bit harsh on the chavs, but next time you watch the news, or a cop show on tv, look at the guy(s) in the stolen nova, or running from a store laden with stuff...
someone wearing burberry or some stupid tracksuit. There are very few goths or others very similar that commit serious crimes.
Chav:"What chu looking at?"
Goth:"Excuse me?"
Chav:"What chu looking at me for?? you wanna make somethin of dis?"
Goth:"No, I..."
*Goth gets stabbed by chav for no reason*
by Scottism September 12, 2008
1. A type of architecture, not a "style" or "way of life."
2. People who think they're evil, but would shit their diapers if they saw the real thing.
1. Look at that Gothic building, it's so beautiful.
2. "Goth" kid: Holy shit a demon!! *screams and cries bloody murder*
by stormdemon September 08, 2008
goth is a word made up by people who need a name for stuff. people who are considered goth tend to wear alot of black, white, red, and purple. other colors are welcomed. i hate that people think goths are evil. my absolute best friend in the world is a goth and she ROCKS. she loves the ramones, afi, and the dropkick murphy's. she wears bondage pants(pants with alot of chains and straps), t shirts about add, family guy, and invader zim, nd friggin awesome hoodies. it is a very complementary look, as black tends to be, and i loooove it! i do not fit under a label, though some stupid people call it emo. yeah. i dont even wear alot of black. but if i was to choose a style, i would choose gothic (or grunge, but anyway...), because it looks the best on people and it shocks. of course, their are scary goths, like the satan worshipping, hex giving , evil goths, but .. i like em. lol. but, you just have to get to know someone before you label them, if thats what u plan on doing. i mean, yeah. my bff(as mentioned earlier) actually speaks to preps. one of em is a good friend who likes abercrombie and backflips. yeah. gothic people(and emos, in general) are very open minded(usually) and are not quick to judge, even when others are quick to judge them.
goth: i love you
me: omg i love you too
paris hilton: thats hot.

lol i just wanted to say that
by anamericanidiot101 June 01, 2007
the personality
people who express their souls in a dark way. real goths don't cut themselves (some do, but it's not a goth trait... there are preppy cutters too.) real goths could be atheistic, christian, jewish, wiccan, agnostic, whatever... goths don't worship satan. goth music could range from classics like Evanescence and Linkin Park to Wicked and Rent or even Enya... i like to think of myself as the founder of the "broadway goth," goths that are theatrical and artistic. real goths are open to friendships with everyone and never exclude someone because they're not "goth" enough. goths also tend to have fire in their souls and dislike conforming to other people's set rules. this sometimes impacts their grades, which gives way to the rumors that goths are stupid and stubborn.
the style
hot topic is really a punk store, but it has goth things as well. however, you can get goth stuff lots more places... personally, my shopping consists mainly of thrift stores (i trade old clothes in for store credit), old navy (really simple things like, idk, swim suits, plain black tee shirts, zip up sweatshirts) and hot topic for odd items. a lot of goths don't wear solid black all the time because they have unique style and wear what they want. also, handmade clothing is very goth.
rixa's advice to beginners
my advice to beginning goths everywhere is this- don't feel pressured into doing things because you're afraid not to be goth. you don't have to wear black lipstick and eyeshadow if you don't want to! you don't have to listen to screaming metal if you don't want to! if mom has issues with chains and multiple piercings, you don't have to! opt for a victorian look (think vampires and red roses) or maybe something cute and sweet (like cute graphic tees and converse). goth is what you make it. not what other people say. and never listen to people when they say you're a poser, because unless you follow what everyone else thinks is goth, you're not.
there is also such a thing as gothic literature... a famous gothic writer is edgar allen poe. lemony snicket is not a gothic author. alice in wonderland is a gothic type book because the story is kind of dark humor and just a little strange.
my personal favorites
striped leggings and plaid skirt together
lace fingerless gloves (i made mine)
corset top (got mine at forever 21, started modifying a black tank top last night)
black boots (mine are dress boots and i've had them for nearly 4 years)
fun jewelry (my favorite piece is two random old fashioned keys i found that i put on a chain)
good old fashioned deformed cargo pants
low cut converse
my favorite goth musician is amy lee of evanescence.
by rixa January 03, 2007
usually people are goth becouse they think they have problems or they are wannabes some goths though are usually like that natrally they really are depressed unlike most goths wich like i said are only acting it to go with there appearence but not its true not all goths dress in black with chains becouse im a goth and i dont dress like that to often or act depressed when im really not, some people though have a huge misunderstanding on the "true" goths who are that way by nature which i think people need to open there eyes and figure out the posers from the naturals. and i read a thing earlier and just to get things striaght not all goths get drunk and fuck dead animals the only ones you do that are the sick bastards who make all us goths look bad by making everbody beilieve that all goths are supposed to be sick and satanic, but its not true and some goths do have a life the only ones who dont are the ones who think there lonley and abused but most of them are not there only acting. and i just wanted people to know this so they dont talk about all the ok goths, its only the wannabes and sickos that you should talk bad about. thats all i have to say now. oh and one more thing i found this and just decided to wright if i am wrighting from the wrong thing please let me know
im goth and im nothing like that
by Jen ^_^ October 02, 2006
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