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goth is a word made up by people who need a name for stuff. people who are considered goth tend to wear alot of black, white, red, and purple. other colors are welcomed. i hate that people think goths are evil. my absolute best friend in the world is a goth and she ROCKS. she loves the ramones, afi, and the dropkick murphy's. she wears bondage pants(pants with alot of chains and straps), t shirts about add, family guy, and invader zim, nd friggin awesome hoodies. it is a very complementary look, as black tends to be, and i loooove it! i do not fit under a label, though some stupid people call it emo. yeah. i dont even wear alot of black. but if i was to choose a style, i would choose gothic (or grunge, but anyway...), because it looks the best on people and it shocks. of course, their are scary goths, like the satan worshipping, hex giving , evil goths, but .. i like em. lol. but, you just have to get to know someone before you label them, if thats what u plan on doing. i mean, yeah. my bff(as mentioned earlier) actually speaks to preps. one of em is a good friend who likes abercrombie and backflips. yeah. gothic people(and emos, in general) are very open minded(usually) and are not quick to judge, even when others are quick to judge them.
goth: i love you
me: omg i love you too
paris hilton: thats hot.

lol i just wanted to say that
by anamericanidiot101 June 01, 2007
Very cool and nonconforming music and style! Goths,contrary to popular belief, do not want to kill you or your mother.

Most Goths (at least the ones I know) are fun people who don't give a damn what the mainstream thinks or does.
Dork - Gawd, look at those goth kids with black hair and baggy clothes. I'm not going near them, they will probably throw shit at me.

Dork's buttbuddy- eeeeeeeeeeeee!
by Tirade Of Spankamonia November 06, 2006
usually people are goth becouse they think they have problems or they are wannabes some goths though are usually like that natrally they really are depressed unlike most goths wich like i said are only acting it to go with there appearence but not its true not all goths dress in black with chains becouse im a goth and i dont dress like that to often or act depressed when im really not, some people though have a huge misunderstanding on the "true" goths who are that way by nature which i think people need to open there eyes and figure out the posers from the naturals. and i read a thing earlier and just to get things striaght not all goths get drunk and fuck dead animals the only ones you do that are the sick bastards who make all us goths look bad by making everbody beilieve that all goths are supposed to be sick and satanic, but its not true and some goths do have a life the only ones who dont are the ones who think there lonley and abused but most of them are not there only acting. and i just wanted people to know this so they dont talk about all the ok goths, its only the wannabes and sickos that you should talk bad about. thats all i have to say now. oh and one more thing i found this and just decided to wright if i am wrighting from the wrong thing please let me know
im goth and im nothing like that
by Jen ^_^ October 02, 2006
First, I read someone thought Satanism was a religion, I'd like to correct that. It's a philosophy. Luciferism is a religion.

Okay. What's a goth ?

If you like Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, German expressionism's movies (and other horror movies) and Tim Burton among other things, you probably are a goth.
If you're constantly thinking about death, and have a romantic mind at the same time, then you might be a goth.
If you listen to Marilyn Manson and think that makes you a goth, you definitely aren't one !
If you can't express your feelings easily, I think you're close to goths.
If you think wearing black makes you a goth, you're not completely wrong, but not completely right either.

That's how I see it from here. So it's more of a way of thinking than a way of dressing or a way of acting. Either you have the spirit or you don't.
On the other hand, I might be wrong as well. :=)
Watch Sleepy Hollow or The Nightmare before Christmas, that will give you a good example of how a goth thinks.
by Pierre D. September 02, 2006
labels are convenient, yes, but goths have different styles too.

..gothic lolita-basically trying to look like china doll. theyre cute and they carry around toys, pretty nice lot of people, a lot of them have pink in their hair and whatnot, their hair being in pigtails or braids, etc.
..elegant gothic lolita-they look like people who lived in upper class england in the 1700s ish. top hats, tailcoats,ictorian dresses, lace, black clothing, with other colours on the dark side, i.e purple, dark green, blood red
..happy goth (mostly in japan)- they wear tonnes and tonnes of accessories, and the ultimate goal is to blind you iwth bright, happy colours.its adorable and they do in fact wear pink. quite alot of it. they wear black too, but mainly colours. all over. ( red, yellow, red, light blue, pink, etc)

goths most other places are supposed to be depressed gay rebels, which is not true, of course. trust me, go round asking 'those who are normal' if what they wear makes them happy and theyll say no. its just what they wear. it doesnt express much but for that this guy or that is man enough to wear pink. good for him.

it does hold true that most goths have dyed hair, wear black, and are a little unhappy.but its also true that even though you might be scared of a goth, theyre the nicest group of people youll ever meet if you stop insulting them. theyre pretty smart, leaning toward the artistic side and might be slightly obsessed with music. which by the way does have to be death metal. goths also like bands like the postal service and belle and sebastian.
go to google and look up harajuku or harajuku fashion lo and behold, different styles of goth! or just look up gothic lolita, elegant gothic lolita, etc. great fun, i assure you.
by haveaniceday August 14, 2006
Goth, although once an expression of individuality, is now a commercial image sold by big business. They now have shops such as Emily the Strange that promote and sell the goth image. If you shop at such places you are buying something that everyone can have and probably does have. Ergo, you are not a true goth who wishes to be individual.

Goth, as well as many other social groups, is a box that people are put in so we can organise society. People are labelled to make it easier for others to relate to them. I exhibit many chracteristics of a goth (outlook of the world, sense of humour ect,) but am I one? No. This is because I choose not to buy into a commercial image that has been ruined by our "friends" big business and lemming teenagers.

So, if we follow this philosiphy, everyone who calls themself a goth is a poser and everyone who dresses like a goth is just buying into a commercial entity and is therefore a sellout and a poser.
Goth: I'm so individual I dress and act just like all my friends because society tells me to.
Goth is not a heavy death anorexic mopey fiend who wears black all the time. Being goth is like when you used to be in dysfunctional situations before. We didn't choose to be gothic, it chooses us instead. Poseurs claim to be goth just because they wear black and listen to the so-called goth music. They don't even know the definition. That's terribly pathetic.

I became goth because I was adapted to the paranormal world since I was little. My family was the victim of black magic. Yes, I'm not a depressing goth. I used to be depressed, but not anymore.

Goths are not satanists! Well, maybe some of them are. I have my own religion (Islam). Gothic is like a medium where you can meet other people having the same experience like you (no matter what religion they are).

Goths are actually intellectual and intelligent people. They wear black. But not all the time. Goth is all about the attitude and your experience in life. Goths are intellectual, creative, and artistic people (most uneducated goths are poseurs!). They writes poetry and reads gothic literature.

I study Biology, Information Technology, Chemistry, Physics, English For Science And Technology. Does this proves that I'm uneducated and stupid? Being goth doesn't mean you don't listen to other types of music. I listen to Marilyn Manson, My Chemical Romance, Bjork, and Slipknot. They're not goths, but I like their music. So what?
Poseur 1: Owh my goth, I love boys with fringe. That's so goth!

Poseur 2: Shut up, I'm tryina slit my wrist here.

Poseur 1: And, boys with eyeliner.

Poseur 3: Well, I'll try overdosing instead.
by Siti Noraisyah A.R. May 06, 2006