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One who obsesses over something so much as to never cease to talk of it.
Paul! Don't be such a begetterian.
by ThisCharmingMan November 07, 2013
A follower/fan of music that was different/older/barbaric compared to others. There is really no specific type, as pop can also be included. There is also not necessarily much else in common, as with any other group. A "goth" can be anyone, assuming they enjoy the music described.

Misuse has also applied the term to metalheads, industrial fans, and the "suicidal" yuppie children. The bands currently labeled incorrectly as gothic include Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, and most nu-metal, or industrial-metal hybrids.
Joy Division were gothic compared to the rest of the music scene.
by thischarmingman June 03, 2004
One who can suck a bong and drink alki-hole through their nose while pissing pure red bull onto their computers.
by thischarmingman June 25, 2003

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