goth. what is . it . to be goth...? cemetery black with grey accesories? A loathing to live and be alive; ourself not understanding others ? Cliches are just that. Do I drive a hearse, with...blackwall tires..? and make my own absinthe? Or am I an artist, musician, poet whom cares not for an..y.thing save for whatever be the moments spur? As popeye said I yam what i yam..leave me alone to do and think as I will. I am the subculture of a subculture that prescribes and doesn't subscribe to any..thing most do. I am myself on my own path, as it were, in life. Do I wear clothing of a year born one two three or, damn it all...TEN years popular before my birth?! Nunya bizzness nor excitement of any form, for I am all that is dark and pretentious and forlourn. I am of an age that didn't exist, I am gen X. i AM TRYING TO FORGIVE THOSE WHOM HURT ME SO in my own way. By the way I would appreciate it for you to leave me alone. leave me alone with this, this instrumentally foreshadowing debacle of selfrighteousness! The arrogant and insignificant self-virtue I claim 'tis my own 'an none other. So I ask "what is goth?" It is not what many think, but in fact it. is. me . . . me alone. me with another ...and me by myself, in my own self prescribed affidavit for normality or non to distinguish and yet set closer to the rest of society.
N/A ...goth; an uncouth or rude person; comparable to pagan in reference to olde dictionaries, one whom is unlearned or non-conformist/non-christian
by a blank expression April 17, 2009
A very unique, though generally dark, style that should not be labeled by rights. However, society loves to label goth as a general term for people who wear: a lot of black, seem withdrawn a lot in public, wear heavy metal shirts, wear dark make-up, and are actually talented at subjects on the creative side, like writing.

It's not about how many chains one can wear, it's about overall thought, acceptance, and certain tastes. For example, you can't be seen as gothic walking around in a polo from American Eagle. But, the limits of dark colored clothing and "dark" accesories range in variety and it's up to the individual. KEYWORD: Inidivdual

Gothic music ranges in genres like darkwave, industrial, trance, techo, electronica, heavy metal, alternative rock, and so on and so forth. The music is generally solemn sounding, in some way, and very creative.

The places to easily find "gothic" clothing would be Hot Topic or Spencer's. Also, check out local thrift stores or online sites.

Above all, it's about being yourself and living outside that margin so many people feel almost too comfortable within. "Goths" are not mean.
Stuck up person: Look at them, they wear a lot of black and look depressed, so they must worship Satan along with that creepy Marilyn Manson dude. Wow, let's stay away from those scary freaks. They're goth
by BleedingTorment October 17, 2006
A label that most people puts on another who wears dark,(preferably black), clothes. Unfortunately, it is a label on someone's exterior and not how they are like.

I am not exactly sure how that label came to be, but I suppose every kind of style needs labeling so society can judge everyone by their clothing.
I have to say a few words about this. My whole family started to question me because of what I was wearing. . And my uncle thought I was goth. So, my sadistic uncle got a laptop computer out and looked up the definition of:

Emo - A topic that we were talking about when someone thought I was that.

Preppy Goth - My mom wants me to be a prep, but she would really rather settle for this. Umm. . No.

Goth - Main topic of conversation.

I thought I would include that because that is most of the reason why I am defining this, and an example of how lame it is,(I find it a priviledge to have the courage to be different, but it is very difficult when closed minded people such as my family shut you out, give you a hard time,label you, or try to change you), to not wear something from Abercrombie and Fitch or a store that doesn't have the *in* stuff. People tend to over react about them. .
by Label Shex August 19, 2006
--The words Goth and Gothic have had many, largely unrelated meanings: the name of the Germanic Visigoth tribes that overthrew the Roman Empire. From this source arose the concept of a Goth as an uncivilized person, a barbarian. 4
--a style of architecture in Western Europe which was popular from the 12th to the 16th century.
--a style of horror/mystery literature that is dark, eerie and gloomy.

--Goth, as a modern movement, started as one component of the punk rock scene. As the latter faded, Goth survived by creating its own subculture.
--The first use of the term Goth in its present meaning was on a British Broadcasting Commission (BBC) TV program. Anthony H. Wilson, manager of Joy Division described the band as Gothic compared with the pop mainstream. The name stuck.
--Their use of black clothing was originally "something of a backlash to the colorful disco music of the seventies." 5 It also stuck.
--The movement first became established in the Batcave, a nightclub in London, England, in the early 1980's. 3
--Spreading to the U.S., it first became popular in California.
--Goth is featured in The Crow horror movies (1994, 1996). Other Gothic movies are the original Nosferatu, the color remake Nosferatu the Vampyre, and the Cabinet of Doctor Caligari.
--Popular music bands are the Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Sisters of Mercy, Dead Can Dance, and many others.

People have accused or described Goths as being:

Unusually bigoted,
Involved in illegal drugs,
Vampires or believe themselves to be vampires,
Musicians, painters, and other artists,
Computer programmers (although there seem to be a lot of them)
Wearers of black (some wear white and gunmetal),
Dyers of their hair,
Users of white makeup. 4
I like the clothing of the visigoths, and the osogoths, in the 13th century, but not when they changed in the 15th.
by trustXfriends August 18, 2005
Used to describe a form of art or the genre of music that portrays the darker aspects of the world, usually with imagery. Also used to describe fans of this genre. Unlike conventional punk and metal, gothic music usually has vocals which flow steadily. Most do not make direct reference to death but rather describe the beauty and elegance of things decaying, twisted and dark. Some gothic bands may make anti-christian themes but the lack of such anti-religious themes do not define goth.
The gargoyle stautes of the ancient Roman cities.

Popular artists and bands of goth music include "the cure" and "evanesence"...
by frost_pick May 21, 2005
Look to all those arrogant people out there here is the matter of fact: Goths took over rome a loooooong time ago! A 'Goth' isnt acctually a goth. But heres the deal, ill explain what the truth is behind the label GOTH:
A gothusually dresses dark and listens to a variety of music. People do not understand that because somone dresses differently or is a 'Goth' doesnt make them suicidal, werid or a meff. To be honuest the people who think that often have problems with being an individual or have a problem with people being an individual. I can see in the near future someone being shot for wearing blue on a daily basis.
How oh-so un educated some people are :@
A good example of the stereotype of a Goth is someone who wears black, listens to rock and has some grasp on the thing i call INDIVIDUALITY!
by IndividualKid October 21, 2008
*Very long and detailed post, covered all facts of the modern goth sub-culture*
After the demise of the pioneering goths such as Bauhaus listeners, the social niche called "goth" has MANY different definitions and misconceptions used throughout different age groups, social standing, location, etc. The common misconceptions in the United States (could be similar in other countries, but seeing as I haven't lived anywhere else I can't comment for sure) about "goths" is that they dress in all black, sulk constantly, and only think about death, suicide, religion, and the cliché... vampires, these people are NOT goth. They are adolescent punks that think that if they act all depressed they'll get the attention they thrive on. True goths that are the way they are because it is their true personality and think about topics like death and the struggle that a vampire living among humans would experience if they existed in modern times because they instill deep thought. Discussing topics like this are more than a way to pass the time, they're a way for many modern goths to think deeply and candidly about where they stand in the world, and if they are being true to what they believe in without changing their unique personality for the sake of others. Most gothic people are quite intelligent, if not in a "school" sense then in a "philosophical" sense and though they may have a relatively dark sense of humor or media, it does mean that all goths obsess about the end of someone's time on this earth. When an individual spends a high percentage of their life thinking without distraction, death, religion, and afterlife is a major topic. *THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT GOTHS ARE SUICIDAL OR DEPRESSED* Many people think that someone who listens to satanic metal and wears pentagrams all over as accessories are gothic, while a goth may listen to black metal and other genres like it, listening to it does not make you goth; another misconception that leads many people to group together dozens of sub-cultures into "goth". Goths are most commonly very in touch with their emotions and aren't afraid to express them in whatever way they see fit. This differs from modern emo or hardcore metal culture because that is comprised of kids that think all they feel is pain and depression followed by a "true love" based upon hormone driven infatuation, a goth will acknowledge all emotion be it happiness, grief, or the very rare but very beautiful love with open arms. Just living their lives free of fear that they may be shunned among their peers for being an intellectual individual is what a true goth will seek in their life. There are constant stories of "goth" high-schoolers taking their own lives because of a dismal outlook that, "no one understands how they feel," because they're too caught up in the moment that they don't acknowledge that the grief will pass and many, many people before them went through the exact same issues. This isn't to disrespect people that have done this, if i knew every-single one of their names I would pay tribute to them regularly because many of them did in fact just need someone to really listen to them instead of just saying, "It's just teenage angst, you'll calm down soon enough," but know I'm divulging way off topic, this is simply to say that said people are most likely not a true goth and self-labelled themselves as such because that's what they thought goth was. Goths also do not have to wear all black clothes or clothing you don't see commonly to be part of the goth culture like corsets for women or tight fitting clothes for effeminate men; though many do, it is not what makes them goth. Many goths listen to all sorts of music (maybe even a couple pop songs with lyrics that are relevant to their lives at the end of a good day) and there are plenty of goths that will wear bright colors and dress in a way that is (relatively) unique to their personality. Many people don't recognize these people as "goth" because of stereotypes that they have grown up with. A true goth will have an open mind to new ideas, music, literature and is all for discussing them regularly with a select group of friends and acquaintances that they associate with not for any sense of belonging or popularity, but because they too have open minds to new ideas and don't judge people on their outer appearance. A popular defining trait of a true goth is that they do not suddenly assosciate with the "mall goths" that patrol the neighborhood shopping center dressed completely over the top as to grab attention; these are nothing but immature followers that think that the attention they get when people stare will dressing over the top will make them happy. A true goth will not fret over any popularity or social status and will never change themselves for the sake of being well-liked among their peers; again, this is not to say that goths are total loners, a true goth will enjoy close friends just as much as anyone, they just may have stricter stipulations when choosing to spend time with them. Final misconception I have time to soliloquize, goths are not freaks in any way shape or form, most goths are normal people that just take interest in non-mainstream media and culture, goths are not all establishment-hating anarchists. A true goth will most often refrain from judging someone based on appearance and the clique they assosciate, they have all experienced what its like to be judged by appearance and are not quick to shun someone just because they fall into a different social niche. Final moral to whoever read this entire post, if you aren't already a true goth or have a goth friend, try meeting one by ignoring their appearance and forming opinions about them based solely on your compatibility as friends or just casual acquaintances. I hope this cleared up any misconceptions about the modern goth sub-culture. I'm not saying goths are perfect, or strange, "wacky", angry, or freaks. I am writing this because of all the misunderstanding being thrown around and people getting these stereotyped, dismal impressions of modern gothic culture.
-Fifteen year old girl with scars on her wrists that only wears black every day=Poser
-Young man with an "interesting" but not necessarily over the top outfit and haircut of primarily black, white, and some vibrant colors such as blue and purple, and will most like be relatively clean cut (Men may look rather effeminate, which many can take as a positive)=From first glance, most likely a true to his heart modern goth!
by BefriendPersonality_NotAppearance February 03, 2008
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