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A movement that arose from the death of Punk in the 1980's and embraces creativity, individuality, and exploring the more morbid side of things.

Goth has been totally eclipsed by emo these days and the two are, atrociously, often confused, though they are nothing alike: goths are somber and intelligent with a flair for the artistic, while emos are skinny-ass teenagers who do nothing but bitch about their lives.
"That girl is SOOOOOOOO emo."

"You fuckhead, she's a goth!"
by Schada October 20, 2007
3 Definitions

1) A member of a Germanic tribe who invaded the Roman Empire early in the Christian era

2) A style of music

3) A follower of this music
This is not a goth ----> Ooooooh my god, life is so depressing and i'm soooo goth 'cos I wear lots of black, and I have a chain on my wallet and I wear eyeliner and listen to Marilyn Manson. Dude, i'm soooo goth
by biiiiiing January 20, 2006
1. The goth subculture originally evolved in the late '70s and early '80s out of the punk subculture.
goth bands: Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Alien Sex Fiend, Specimen

2. There are also sad little teens who listen to metal and consider themselves 'goth', but all they are are metalheads who happen to like the colour black and truly have no knowledge of what the goth scene came from.
NON-goth bands: Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, HIM, Marilyn Manson

3. Also non-goth are cybergoths (aka gravers, which is short for goth + raver), although they are sometimes incorrectly labeled goth. But most do tend to realise they are not goth and identify more with the industrial subculture.
cybergoth bands: VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Icon of Coil, Razed in Black
1. The goth backcombed his hair before going out to get more of that 80s' goth look.

2. The teenager shopped at Hot Topic and bought some baggy pants and a Cradle of Filth t-shirt in an attempt to be a "goth". Unfortunately, he failed.

3. The cybergoth had neon green hair extensions and danced to VNV Nation.
by gother than thou...j/k July 09, 2005
Most goths I know do not dress to shock people as most seem to think, but simply because that is what they want to wear. I will also add that most 'GOTHS' dont actaly like nu metal.
Cyber goth= bright clothes, indutrial/ebm/techno music.
Goth= black/perple clothes and spikes,music as cyber also darkwave/old 80s goth music.
Mosher (not goth) Nu metal, punk
by icklegirl May 07, 2004
The punk subculture formed in the early 80s. Not to be confused with the Germanic tribes. Creative, intelligent, interesting people who share similar ideas, likes and dislikes. One cannot classify 'goth' in one way...there are many types of goth. Usually thought of as being depressed, mentally ill, social outcasts with nothing on there minds but pain, death and world destruction(which is not always true) I am considered a 'goth' I do usually wear all black but I do so not because I want to be popular but because it is comfortable to me...and not everyone who wears all black are goths and not all goths wear all black...I wear red and grey and other colors.
goth-an openminded person who can laugh at him/herself as well as others...(adjective: Gothic)
by insanitywithacause December 19, 2003
That one kid who cuts himself in woodshop class.
Caleb likes to use the handsaw to bleed himself in woodshop.

by MickSwaggger September 23, 2009
I really don't believe in labeling people but I guess this is a good way to show people out there who believe we're scary people: but we are not.
God forbid, we don't even usually intend wanting to scare anyone. Most of what you hear today is just mostly based off of some jerks' loud mouth blabbing about things, so I'll just begin with some things I deal with EVERYDAY:

1. Goths' are Satanists.
-Okay. Satanism is a religion and not a cult thing. Yes, there could be a few people who are apart of the group who could be into it, but really, its nothing to make a big deal about. It is your own choice what you want to be, so there could be what some consider 'preps' out there who are into it, so watch what you say before you open your mouth. And I wear crosses, so what does that tell you?

2.Goths' are all depressed.
-Another thing that bothers me. Depression could happen to anyone, even those people you think are popular and so attractive. God forbid, even though some wear dark clothes or most of our choices clothing-wise, it doesn't mean we're all depressed. Its a serious thing to be bipolar or feeling suicidal, and that's when you need to tell someone. And the reason why I wear black is because I feel comfortable in my own skin with my clothes and I feel less noticed, unlike some girls who wear bright, flashy clothes. And also, being pinned for cutting yourself is not something to be proud of. And this culture doesn't even stand for that crap and I hope no young people out there think that is what all the 'Goths' do, because its not. If you do do that, then go get help. And if you do it for fun, then you're being stupid.

3. They're music is so scary! All of it is screaming!
-Before you begin giving everyone crap about what you think of anyone's music, I think you should try thinking about how it would feel to have everyone talk smack about your taste. Yes, I say crap about most of the artists today, but that is because most of it is crap. Making music takes talent and playing instruments, playing from your heart and talking about real things, not just about the prostetute girls singing about their boyfriend that they will replace tomorrow. I mean, what the heck is that? Music for us is something that we can relate to and isn't fake. And no, not everyone of us listens to screaming/grindcore/melodramatic/gothic/dark music. That's everyone's choice to choose.

4. Why do they wear all black?
-To tell you the truth, I think its a classical color and less noticeable. I don't like being the black dot on the white wall but I seriously like how I feel dressing like I do. And not all of us dress in all-black: there is blood red, dark purple, midnight blue...any color that is closely romantic and connected to Victorian times...and that is where most of the clothing ideas come from. The Victorians were very beautiful and I love the corsets! And I really hate how everyone stereotypes us to be cloaked in total darkness with black makeup and hair. Not all the people have black hair. This style, to me, let's me express myself and wear whatever I want. I have dyed my hair black, brown, deep red, dark purple, blue, burgundy. Its all about being who you are and not following some stupid stereotype or kids who think they're this 'hardcore goth'. Some kids think that, especially in Junior High or High School, but they usually shop at Hot Topic (Which isn't even closely related) and listen to pop, complain about how sad their lives are, and how they hate preppy people. But not everyone does that. "Mall Goths" or "Baby Bats" are terms used for that. -Usually get their clothes from the Mall- -Starters and very young in the scene...not completely educated- Also, putting on makeup is a form of creativity and to tell you the truth, liquid eyeliner is a dog to put on. The peircings are fun to get because, for me, its something I can be proud of that I had done to myself. And its fun to do your makeup in different ways, not always dramatic either. Usually, the pale skin comes from the black contrasting against your skin color but people sometimes wear white powder that helps even it out a little more. I wear it sometimes because I think I look pretty and elegant. Its nice to feel good about yourself. I wear boots because I feel taller.

5. What's up with them being alone?
-I think I covered this, but most of us actually aren't choosing to be alone. Most of the group tends to be artistic and that's when we get to express ourselves. I draw, play the piano, flute, guitar, and write stories and poetry. And I think its a wonderful and awesome way to be yourself. If you want friends, go join a club or do something with people who like to do the same things. And reading is nice to do...Stephen King especially. Photography is interesting, too.

6. Are they all interested in Vampires?
Like I have said before, everyone can like anything they want to. I like vampires but my friend who calls herself a fellow 'Goth' doesn't.

7. Why do they like death so much?
I think being able to look at the less brighter side of life is a great feat. Some can't even accept that one thing happened to them, so they keep looking at the positive. It is self-harming to always bring the worse on you (personaly know) but I think its nice to know you can tell when things could be a lot better than they were now. I think death is fascinating: what is on the other side? Who is there? But, some don't. Whatever you want to believe, go do it.

So, I hope a few people learned from this and try not to stereotype yourself. Its a hideous ordeal and if you want to go through life with everyone telling you you are things, then be my guest. Its wrong and I know its a common habit to want to be apart of something, but don't let anyone tell you who you are. Also: if you're one of those kids who are on here trying to find ideas about how to be a 'goth' or how to convince your parents to let you 'be' it; I want you to leave this site now and rethink what you're doing. You don't magically turn into something, but you measly slip into it unnoticed. And if people come up to you and say, "Hey! I was Goth in High School too!" then you know they weren't being serious. You grow into it but if you were the real deal, you never grow out. I hope my opinions didn't offend anyone but I just wanted it out there so some could actually learn from it.
1. "Hey! Do you go to church in that?"

"Yes. And my priest compliments me!"
2. "Do you cut yourself? Show me your arms and wrists."

"Oh, wow. Look at that. Nothing on my body! Now why don't you quit harrassing me."

3. "What the heck are you listening to? It makes my ears bleed."

"Kittie and why don't you quit listening to what you're playing in your ears and stuff some cotton balls in your ears."
4. "Are you going to a funeral?"

"Nope. I'm just dressing for any occasion."
5. "Why are you back here?"

"I'm thinking about how my next song I'm writing is going to go."
6. "Bite me, you Goth feak!"

"I don't suck blood. I'm a vegetarian."
7. "Did you hear about the old person that croaked?"

"Nope, but I'm sure you'll tell me about it."
by Night's Ink August 14, 2009