A goth is basically a person who likes the darker side of most things, and often wear a lot of black, but sometimes they wear other colors too. Goths like people, are not all the same. For instance, not all goths like metal. Some prefer softer music. Goths DO NOT worship Satan, and ARE NOT all cutters/suicidal depressing low-lives like the people you always see at Hot Topic. Just because a person wears all black n' stuff and listens to metal or something like that, it DOES NOT mean that they are suicide or cut themselves. You could be a prep who listens to Christina Aguilara and be a cutter. Some goths can be that way, but that's because they are PEOPLE not living labels and r all different! They r not psychotic and they certainly aren't all gay/lesbian or have social issues. If somebody OBSESSES about black and says he/she loves 666 and Satan, talks about Hot Topic and/or even so much as calls him/her self a goth, they are most likely a poser. Goth is a state of mind, not a trend. A lot of posers decide to "go goth" because they think it makes them feel special or "cool". It doesn't. It makes them look stupid. Goths are not afraid to show who they really are and what they stand for. They don't care about being popular and would rather be considered an outcast or a freak than conform to everyone else. Goth(in my opinion) is a state of mind in which one sees the world through a shadowed window, but sees things for what they truly are and accept their position in the world and arn't afraid of what people think of them. So, if you go up to a goth and rag on him/her about Satan and crap and beat them up, I'll come after you. Unless it's a poser goth in which case i will gladly lend you a hand.
Oh yeah, and one more thing, goth is NOT the same as emo. Just so we're clear on that.
Poser Goth: Hey, u wanna hang out with me at Hot Topic?
Me: No!
Poser Goth: Oh okay then, yeah i guess I'll just go so i can get goth stuff so i can piss off my parents, and show how fcuked up my life is . . ."
Random asshole: You guys are fucked up! Why don't you get the hell out of here, slit your wrists already and join Marilyn Manson in Hell!
(me punches random asshole)
Me: (to poser) Get a goddamn life!
by Matt R H January 14, 2007
I have already written a defintion of this term but I would like to add something. Someone had mentioned the book "What Is Goth?" By Voltaire. Yes, I highly recommend this book and that is where one of the definitions I had mentioned came from was this book. I said goth is whatever you wish it to be, or something along those lines. What I meant was it's "whatever you want it to be." as Voltaire states at the end of his book. Couldn't have defined the word better.
A goth is generally a person who listens to gothic music. But there is A LOT to goth and it's not just limited to that.
by Lauren Batty May 24, 2006
Fan of 80's post-punk music known as gothic rock.
Goth: Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, some of The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, Switchblade Symphony, London After Midnight, The 69 Eyes, Type O Negative, Christian Death

Not Goth: Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, HIM, Slipknot, Korn, Linkin Park, Green Day, Fall Out Boy
by Infurion March 19, 2006
1. A member of a Germanic people who invaded the Roman Empire in the early centuries of the Christian era.

2. (a) A style of rock music that often evokes bleak, lugubrious imagery.
(b) A performer or follower of this style of music.

3. An invdividual who either enjoys the darker interests and enjoyments of life or is captivated by those who do. These individuals are artistic, intelligent, curious, and often surprising when it comes to such things as careers or pasttimes. In fact, the only reason that they come off "scary" or "creepy" at all is because society shuns and fears what they do not understand. Most 'goths' interviewed simply stated that the reason they have such a low-down attitude and enjoy creeping people out is because they've been outcasted. Indeed, hundreds of teens/young adults enter such a lifestyle because they were shunned, misunderstood, hated, kicked around, or even just misplaced, meaning they couldn't fit in any other stereotype.

4. Just another all-American title for better labeling and little understanding... Typical humans not thinking.
1. The young woman from Rome was tortured and beheaded by the Goths.

2. "What's her favorite music?" "Oh... Death Metal, hard rock... all that goth stuff."

3. "You're gothic?" "No... I'm Bill."

4. "Look at those goths around the street... they're as bad as punks!"
by Jeelander February 23, 2006
1) a subculture grouping usually classified by non-goths as anybody who is depressed and wears black. that's not the half of it. goths range widely in mentality and appearance. some of them are very depressed, wear black, and link about suicide. some others can be happy and fun, but simply have pessimistic tendancies and a dark, sarcastic sense of humor. many goths in middle school and high school were nerds in elementary school. many goths are quite smart and creative, liking to write and draw. goths prefer to be alone or with people like them, and can't stand most "normal" people. they tend to be quiet and reluctant to draw attention to themselves, even shy at times, but inside they can be affectionate and even sweet if they're in the right mood. they don't care about what people think of them, it's how they think of themselves that matters to them. if a goth gets a haircut and nobody likes it, he/she doesn't care as long as he/she likes it. goths tend to be inquisitived to a point that they offend other people with questions regarding religion. can be quite defensive of their opinions. sometimes stubborn. doesn't like to make friends. if you want to be friends with a goth (hypothetical situation), you have to go slow, be content to just be aqquaintances for a while until the goth gets confortable around you, as goths don't like to socialize too often. GOTHS ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM MARYLIN MANSON!

2)goths are often very reluctant to share opinions and ideas or anything they've written or drawn, but if approached the right (or wrong, depending on your outlook) way, they can be somewhat crude and in-your-face. goth is actually short for gothic, coming from several tribes in europe around the time of the roman empire (some of them actually caused the fall of it)
1) Maria's father died, and ever since she has been goth.

2) The Visigoths invaded the northern roman empire in it's last days, about the same time as the vikings.
by Sorceror72 November 03, 2005
A lifestyle of walking the boundary between darkness and light. True goths love being alive and accept the challenges of being alive. They are often very deep thinkers, creative artists, and great friends. At some point in their life, a true goth has been in some way scarred. Whatever event or events have altered this person, it has only made them stronger. Posers will say their life sucks for the smallest, most insignificant reasons, solely for the sake of attention. A true goth has experienced pain of the heart and bears the scar, but they can further enjoy life because their pain is behind them.

I am proud to wear the scars of my past and have found healing through my arts and the ones I love. The ache is still there, but through expressing my true self I have been able to let go of the hurt. I am a goth and I love my life. I have torn down my walls. I'm not ready to die. I will not change until I have hurt someone. I will always be on the line of light and dark. And when my time comes to pass on, I will remain in the hearts of those who loved me.
We are the spirit of true goth.
by EV Caelle September 10, 2011
I. A sub-culture established in the 80's, controversy has been brought up about it's origins, believed to be taken from the punk sub-culture and/or a style of architecture used from the 12th to the 16th century. Coming in an array of different music and clothing styles, goths typically share the same basic music range (Typically very loud, and/or dark) and the same "deathly pale" look. Goth is no longer a style and never truly was a trend, now it has developed it's own "sub-cultural" differences in society.

Goths typically make their own or fix their own clothing (Called DIY or Do-It-Yourself). This enables them to acquire their own independence as well as stand out and show they're not like "clones". While not all goths shop at thrift stores, most do in fact add their own touches to their styles, whether in make-up, hair, or clothing. Black though a dominant color in the sub-culture is not the only color ever worn, every color of the rainbow and beyond can be found in some form or fashion. Goths are not forced into any form or style to fit "in" the gothic lifestyle. Goth is a creatively dark sense of style, passion, and expression forged from everything from music to literature, to historic events or places. While many are accused of being "poseurs" there is no definite style or attitude defined by those calling themselves "true" goths there for often it is hard to determine a so called "poseur" from a true goth to those not familiar with the gothic sub-culture.

Often misunderstood by those not a part of the sub-culture, called everything from satanists to fetishes. Although the sub-culture hasn't been around more than 20 years or so, it is still defined by the "black clad" members of society, stereotypes extending to emos, a branch off of the same roots as goth, forcing goths to be grouped with the stereotype of being suicidal and cutting themselves, while this is not true in both sub-cultures, it is still one of the most commonly used stereotypes today.

Other stereotypes and misconceptions include: Witch craft, violence, aggression, vandalism, satanism, homicidal tendencies, necrophilia, vampirism, "strange" fetishes, depression, suicidal tendencies, self harm, cult participation, drug abuse, bad personal hygiene, sexual tendencies, and solitudinous tendencies

There are many styles of goth, ranging from the futuristic, neon colored club wear of a cyber goth to the pink and black princess/prince wear of the perkygoth. Styles determine place matting and interests in the gothic society. Whether they wear long flowing black dresses, or skin tight PVC, gothic styles show the interests of a particular person, but there are always stereotypes within stereotypes and all to often the goths themselves stereotype other goths of different fashion sense. Still, all goths are united by music or the same basic outlook on life. Giving in to the thought process of, "The world is not sugar-coated, it has ups and downs, death and life. It can suck and it can be amazing." goths express these feelings by presenting the highs and lows of life in their daily style.

Goth styles can be low tone or extreme depending on the person's interests and ability. Not all goths adorn piercings, tattoos, or wear short/ripped clothing. Preferences play a huge roll, many will wear whatever is most comfortable, and others may wear the most uncomfortable article of clothing because they want to make a point.

"Styles" Of Goth include: Gothic Lolita, Club Goth, Death Rocker, Rivet Head, Romanti Goth, Victorian Goth, Perkygoth, Gothability, Cyber Goth, Steampunk, Traditional Goth, and Corporate Goth

The true difference between each goth is their taste in music, depending on their favorite music, they will display themselves in the same form or fashion of their favorite bands. Death Rockers looking like they've crawled out of hell is a good example of supporting their favorite music with style.

II. A Germanic people whose origins lay along the lower Vistula (modern Poland). Known best for ransacking Rome in 410AD.

III. A kind of architecture first introduced in the 12th century and used until the 16th century. Buildings usually consisting of large arch doorways, counterbalancing buttresses, large pointed tower structures, and slender piers.
Gothic Sub-Culture: Wave Gothic Treffen, Bat Day (Disneyland)

Gothic Architecture: Big Ben, Bran Castle (Castle Dracula), Notre Dame de Paris
by Raveanya August 01, 2009
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