I have already written a defintion of this term but I would like to add something. Someone had mentioned the book "What Is Goth?" By Voltaire. Yes, I highly recommend this book and that is where one of the definitions I had mentioned came from was this book. I said goth is whatever you wish it to be, or something along those lines. What I meant was it's "whatever you want it to be." as Voltaire states at the end of his book. Couldn't have defined the word better.
A goth is generally a person who listens to gothic music. But there is A LOT to goth and it's not just limited to that.
by Lauren Batty May 24, 2006
Fan of 80's post-punk music known as gothic rock.
Goth: Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, some of The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, Switchblade Symphony, London After Midnight, The 69 Eyes, Type O Negative, Christian Death

Not Goth: Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, HIM, Slipknot, Korn, Linkin Park, Green Day, Fall Out Boy
by Infurion March 19, 2006
1. A member of a Germanic people who invaded the Roman Empire in the early centuries of the Christian era.

2. (a) A style of rock music that often evokes bleak, lugubrious imagery.
(b) A performer or follower of this style of music.

3. An invdividual who either enjoys the darker interests and enjoyments of life or is captivated by those who do. These individuals are artistic, intelligent, curious, and often surprising when it comes to such things as careers or pasttimes. In fact, the only reason that they come off "scary" or "creepy" at all is because society shuns and fears what they do not understand. Most 'goths' interviewed simply stated that the reason they have such a low-down attitude and enjoy creeping people out is because they've been outcasted. Indeed, hundreds of teens/young adults enter such a lifestyle because they were shunned, misunderstood, hated, kicked around, or even just misplaced, meaning they couldn't fit in any other stereotype.

4. Just another all-American title for better labeling and little understanding... Typical humans not thinking.
1. The young woman from Rome was tortured and beheaded by the Goths.

2. "What's her favorite music?" "Oh... Death Metal, hard rock... all that goth stuff."

3. "You're gothic?" "No... I'm Bill."

4. "Look at those goths around the street... they're as bad as punks!"
by Jeelander February 23, 2006
A lifestyle of walking the boundary between darkness and light. True goths love being alive and accept the challenges of being alive. They are often very deep thinkers, creative artists, and great friends. At some point in their life, a true goth has been in some way scarred. Whatever event or events have altered this person, it has only made them stronger. Posers will say their life sucks for the smallest, most insignificant reasons, solely for the sake of attention. A true goth has experienced pain of the heart and bears the scar, but they can further enjoy life because their pain is behind them.

I am proud to wear the scars of my past and have found healing through my arts and the ones I love. The ache is still there, but through expressing my true self I have been able to let go of the hurt. I am a goth and I love my life. I have torn down my walls. I'm not ready to die. I will not change until I have hurt someone. I will always be on the line of light and dark. And when my time comes to pass on, I will remain in the hearts of those who loved me.
We are the spirit of true goth.
by EV Caelle September 10, 2011
I. A sub-culture established in the 80's, controversy has been brought up about it's origins, believed to be taken from the punk sub-culture and/or a style of architecture used from the 12th to the 16th century. Coming in an array of different music and clothing styles, goths typically share the same basic music range (Typically very loud, and/or dark) and the same "deathly pale" look. Goth is no longer a style and never truly was a trend, now it has developed it's own "sub-cultural" differences in society.

Goths typically make their own or fix their own clothing (Called DIY or Do-It-Yourself). This enables them to acquire their own independence as well as stand out and show they're not like "clones". While not all goths shop at thrift stores, most do in fact add their own touches to their styles, whether in make-up, hair, or clothing. Black though a dominant color in the sub-culture is not the only color ever worn, every color of the rainbow and beyond can be found in some form or fashion. Goths are not forced into any form or style to fit "in" the gothic lifestyle. Goth is a creatively dark sense of style, passion, and expression forged from everything from music to literature, to historic events or places. While many are accused of being "poseurs" there is no definite style or attitude defined by those calling themselves "true" goths there for often it is hard to determine a so called "poseur" from a true goth to those not familiar with the gothic sub-culture.

Often misunderstood by those not a part of the sub-culture, called everything from satanists to fetishes. Although the sub-culture hasn't been around more than 20 years or so, it is still defined by the "black clad" members of society, stereotypes extending to emos, a branch off of the same roots as goth, forcing goths to be grouped with the stereotype of being suicidal and cutting themselves, while this is not true in both sub-cultures, it is still one of the most commonly used stereotypes today.

Other stereotypes and misconceptions include: Witch craft, violence, aggression, vandalism, satanism, homicidal tendencies, necrophilia, vampirism, "strange" fetishes, depression, suicidal tendencies, self harm, cult participation, drug abuse, bad personal hygiene, sexual tendencies, and solitudinous tendencies

There are many styles of goth, ranging from the futuristic, neon colored club wear of a cyber goth to the pink and black princess/prince wear of the perkygoth. Styles determine place matting and interests in the gothic society. Whether they wear long flowing black dresses, or skin tight PVC, gothic styles show the interests of a particular person, but there are always stereotypes within stereotypes and all to often the goths themselves stereotype other goths of different fashion sense. Still, all goths are united by music or the same basic outlook on life. Giving in to the thought process of, "The world is not sugar-coated, it has ups and downs, death and life. It can suck and it can be amazing." goths express these feelings by presenting the highs and lows of life in their daily style.

Goth styles can be low tone or extreme depending on the person's interests and ability. Not all goths adorn piercings, tattoos, or wear short/ripped clothing. Preferences play a huge roll, many will wear whatever is most comfortable, and others may wear the most uncomfortable article of clothing because they want to make a point.

"Styles" Of Goth include: Gothic Lolita, Club Goth, Death Rocker, Rivet Head, Romanti Goth, Victorian Goth, Perkygoth, Gothability, Cyber Goth, Steampunk, Traditional Goth, and Corporate Goth

The true difference between each goth is their taste in music, depending on their favorite music, they will display themselves in the same form or fashion of their favorite bands. Death Rockers looking like they've crawled out of hell is a good example of supporting their favorite music with style.

II. A Germanic people whose origins lay along the lower Vistula (modern Poland). Known best for ransacking Rome in 410AD.

III. A kind of architecture first introduced in the 12th century and used until the 16th century. Buildings usually consisting of large arch doorways, counterbalancing buttresses, large pointed tower structures, and slender piers.
Gothic Sub-Culture: Wave Gothic Treffen, Bat Day (Disneyland)

Gothic Architecture: Big Ben, Bran Castle (Castle Dracula), Notre Dame de Paris
by Raveanya August 01, 2009
Goth is first and foremost a person who listens to certain types of music and dresses the part. The music includes deathrock, batcave, certain postpunk, certain non-electronic darkwave and other music that is goth. The person dresses the part by wearing makeup either all black clothes or deathrock-style, which can include colorful mohawks, painted leather jackets, colorful ripped t-shirts and fishnets. Real goths always wear makeup to the club, and often daily, no matter what their gender is, otherwise they look like posers.
Goth is not merely a person who embraces "the darkness" or "everything dark". Their makeup, style, dance moves and music choices make or not make them goth--don't confuse "goth" with "gothic". "Gothic" can be applied to many different people who aren't goth and denotes a person or trend that borrows from Goth, that is "into things dark" but is not goth. Example would be a person who occasionally listens to goth music (but to a lot of other kinds too), who likes BDSM and goes to all kinds of "dark" clubs, not caring too much what to dance for, basically, looking "goth" only when they go out. Gothic is a dark streak that is not to be confused with real Goth. People who prefer "gothic" music that is not Goth, can be called different ways: darkwavers, rivetheads (who love industrial scene/music), moshers, metalheads, etc. Fetish scene is not to be confused with Goth scene: they have very little in common. Goth has a lot of fetish elements in clothing style and many from fetish crowd attend goth clubs on occasion, but that's where the resemblance ends. "Vampires" aren't Goth either; Goths like to play with vampire theme quite rarely, but those who think they're vampires, who wear white contacts, fangs, or paint blood on their faces aren't Goth at all.
Goth has a very strong androgyny element: It is common for Goth males to wear traditionally female elements of clothes/makeup to the clubs. Deathrocker Goth females also prefer androgynous styles, and dress hardly any different from deathrocker males. Truly Goth dancing is characterized by original, assymetric and often a-rythmical moves, cat-like stepping, wavy arm movements. Goths never bare too much of their body; if they do, they belong to a different scene, but depending on gender (example would be: girl wearing a bra instead of a top to the club or showing garter and stockings isn't Goth, a guy wearing mini-skirt to the club and showing stockings and garter looks Goth).
Goth is about extreme individualism, yet, it's about belonging to a group and fitting in, at the same time, paradoxically. Goth is about looking at things, at human nature--and oneself with extreme honesty and accepting what mainstream culture doesn't accept--death, melancholy, decay. Like Mike Mercer had put it Goth is about ultimate dignity. Goth hates the mainstream culture, real Goth doesn't watch television. Goths like to shop in thrift stores or specialized Gothic stores, they also have tendency to make their own clothes and jewelry and be creative about their outfits and makeup.
Favorite Goth boots are very pointy ones with buckles, though army-style boots (with include Docs) are also acceptable, as well as platform boots. Layered torn fishnet and sheer tights worn over the arms and legs and Victorian clothes are old time favorites. Modern goths wear more PVC/vinyl clothes than before, which includes tight pants, dresses, corsets and long skirts made of PVC. Black nailpolish is very popular and is worn by males and females, both.
People who claim that Goth is only about "mindset" and "lifestyle" versus the look aren't goth: real Goth takes great care of their looks and alway strives to look beautiful and goth. Dark beauty is something that is at the core of the Goth--beauty of art, or appearance and of melancholic mind. Each real Goth is an art piece, essentially, as a person is being creative about their look.
Of course, those goths who're stuck in only one way and criticize new style developments lose creativity.
Gothic person: "There's a new goth club that plays emb, goth, synthpop, darkwave and industrial!"
Goth: "This is not a goth club"
by nosferatu_xx January 01, 2008
A style of clothing and music. That's it.
I honestly wish that I could write an 'elaborate rant' on the "true meaning" of the gothic subculture, but I can't because there IS no true meaning.
by Pragmatic Realist September 28, 2007

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