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Generally people who like the darker side of life. Outcasts by choice, they listen to underground music because they dislike the mainstream and being a sheep to society. In most cases goths are very smart and artistic and have a sense of humor that can take a while to get used to (unless your a goth). Their humor is about just about everything from themselves to others, and it is intelligent humor. Goths aren't like the average and that's why their goths and contrary to popular belief, they are not all suicidal. In fact few are suicidal, just dark. Goths may come across as scary but are quite nice people. Becoming goth can be provoked by certain things in life that turn people into introverts, but they are still nice people.

Being goth is about being different and out of the ordinary.
Prep: Look at that faggot goth in his weird clothes
Goth: Look at that mainstream prep, cant find his own style so he wears what everyone else does. HAHA, he thinks hes cool
by designkai April 20, 2006

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