A term often used to describe a pretty girl when she does something adorable. Despite her sassy demeanor that often produces caustic one-liners that can put any cocky son of a bitch in his/her place, she has enough spark to attract a long list of Starbucks’ lovers.
Jermaine: Homie, I wish I had a goofball to brighten up maaaa lyfe!
D’Shawn: Son, you know Sharon’s single, nomsayin’ B?
Jermaine: Daaaaaaaaaaaayummmmm, she a real goofball, Imma get those digits.
by goofbaws February 07, 2015
slang term for methamphetamine and other oral forms of various illegal drugs
that guy Overdosed on goofballs, now he is in a coma.
by grizzlymaster March 06, 2009
A Girl who is Smart, Pretty, Intelligent and Funny!
Usually they love to hangout and play games with other people, and are just a lovable person to be around, they also make you happy when you feel down, they are really nice and smart as well!
Goof is for Short!
Dude, that Girl is such a Goof!

She is such a Goofball!
by Bubby! September 29, 2013
Someone who looks studpid while doing something......see goober
Kyle looks like a goof-ball on the knee board
by Nick October 09, 2003
Mixing Methamphetamine and Heroin for IV injection. Similar to "Speedball" which uses Cocaine and Heroin.
Dude, That goofball I slammed lastnight had me spun crazy all fucking night!
by Diacetylmorphine June 07, 2005
anyone who is looking for trouble. People that usually roam the street at night waiting to pick a fight usually with other goof balls that share a common goal.
by 234yr January 02, 2005
one who makes goofy jokes and tends to say omg to goofy things
goofball: omg
normal ball: you're a goofball
goofball: omgomg!
by spanooj October 31, 2004

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