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Short for "Digitizing tablet". A flat, thin plastic tray-like object that connects to a computer via USB ports and can control the computer mouse with the included stylus. Quite useful for drawing/graphic designing.
I love my tablet to death, except when it's broken.
by Blizzleair November 10, 2003
149 29
Something that was NOT made by a shitty computer company

(See Apple) but was made by Bill Gates in 2001. When Bill


introduced it, no one gave a flying F**K about it, but when

Steve Jobs introduced the iPad, the world pissed itself like

an over excited dog.
Me: I just got a new Android Tablet!
Apple'FanBoy':TH3 TABL3T W4S MADE BY 4PPLE!!!
Me: No it was made by Bill Gates douchebag
by DAHpargles February 07, 2012
34 9
An electronic porn rectangle.
Mike remembered to renew his Brazzers subscription before buying a new tablet to replace the Kindle Fire he got last Christmas.
by Matt McMatterson December 29, 2012
14 1
Scottish sweet (candy) made from sugar, also a little butter and milk. Very sweet!
Youse tried this tablet. It's pure dead brilliant!
by SaraLou April 10, 2007
31 22
Makes "TheDiamondBlock" so good.
by daggypoo January 27, 2014
2 0
Synonym for ecstasy.
Me and my home boys are gonna go clubbing tonight and take some tablets
by McTabs December 09, 2010
7 8
Tablet is another word for a poo parcel which is in the shape of a tablet. Also if it looks like rabbit poo it can be classed as a tablet.
I've just been for a 'Tablet'
by Luciiieee <3 December 28, 2007
7 33