When one creates a non-official Facebook page and the owner of the official page gets annoyed with the individual(s) who created said page, it has been said that they have created a rogue page.
Hershey Concerts was caught going rogue when they created their own concert event Facebook page that was not officially endorsed by Hershey Entertainment.
by SweetPlaceOnEarth April 17, 2013
the act of taking somebody elses date or girl they were dancing with and they turn around they are with you.
for example going rogue is what my prom date did to me by leaving me in the middle of the night no where to be found but with another guy.
by rogue pimping July 12, 2011
as you start to fade you say awe dude im going rogue
by the rogue mystro July 12, 2011
A term coined from the title of Sarah Palin's memoire; a term for saying, acting, or doing something incredibly stupid. Also used as an umbrella phrase for generally being stupid.
Person A: Why was Joe called into the boss' office?

Person B: I heard he was caught goofing off in the store the other day. A couple of customers filed complaints.

Person A: Yeah, makes sense. He's been 'going rogue' a lot lately.
by ksamehtesol November 29, 2009
The feminine version of "going commando", i.e. wearing no underpants. Adapted from the title of Sarah Palin's memoir "Going Rogue: An American Life".
Oh my God! Squameesha is the hottest girl ever! And when she wears that skirt, I can tell she's going rogue.
by blankmark September 29, 2009
When a woman is obviously not wearing a bra. Going Commando means without underwear or panties.
She is going rogue her tits are all over the place she needs a good bra to keep them in check.

Her tits are so big she wears two sports bras to keep the girls from going rogue.

Her boobs are so small she can go rogue anytime.
by BoltsSD December 31, 2009
"Going Rogue" is slang for not wearing a tampon or pad during menstruation. Very risky behavior.
Darn it, I should have thought twice about going rogue in white pants. Oh, well. Anyone have a unused tampon?
by The Darn Cricket October 22, 2009

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