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1. A mangina that pisses sitting down.
2. The fecal drippings from a buttsex creampie that run down the taint to create an unwanted pregnancy.
3. An aborted abortion, the result being that only the brains have been vacuumed but the person remains very much alive.
4. One of the original Garbage Pail Kids.
5. An "anchorman" who leaks estrogen out of his man-tits and cries repeatedly but is still one of the most fair and balanced personalities on Fox News.
1. I know she wears a skirt, but that's a dick-tucking Glenn Beck.
2. She went to the clinic to take care of that Glenn Beck.
3. That poor Glenn Beck can't even velcro his shoes by himself.
4. That Glenn Beck is the least valuable Garbage Pail Kid card ever.
5. Wow. Did you see Glenn Beck last night? That was a great newscast!
by theconcernedcitizen June 19, 2009
1. A founder of the tea bag party.
2. A pompous little turkey-necked Mr. Slave masochist who tosses salad for skinheads and gives great, sloppy dittohead.
Sean Hannity: "Heil Hitler is my safe word."
by theconcernedcitizen August 09, 2009
Spawned February 11, 1964 when God himself came to earth and farted. This event is also known as the Immaculate Misconception.

Under orders from God, or possibly other voices, Sarah Palin has been spreading Immaculate Misconceptions throughout the world.
Sarah Palin's Immaculate Misconceptions include but are not limited to:
Claims that she is competent.
Claims that she is not corrupt.
Claims that she can see Russia from her backyard.
Claims that she reads the newspaper, and can, in fact read.
Claims that she can spot the US on a world map.
Claims that she could actually boost Dave Letterman's ratings.
The idea that she belongs on any TV program, besides Intervention.
Her children.
by theconcernedcitizen June 19, 2009
The worst comic book ever.
Girl: Wow, Sarah Palin's new comic book, Going Rogue, really sucks.
Guy: Yeah, but it's got pretty pictures.
by theconcernedcitizen September 29, 2009
The homoerotic process of swallowing and later regurgitating Limbaugh's rants on internet boards.
JK: "Barack the Magic Negro is blah blah blah insert neocon rant here ____________"

Informedvoter: "Wow, JK. You give great dittohead. Do yourself a favor. If you ever come up for air, try to wipe the sticky Limbaugh Love off your DSL's."
by theconcernedcitizen June 18, 2009
1. A Republican.
2. The shitty economy Republicans always give to incoming Democratic presidents.
Neotard: Obama is incompetent because he didn't fix the economy overnight. Baba booey baba booey baba booey.

Intelligent person: Relax moron. It took eight years to get this way. It'll get better. Bush gifted a white elephant just like his daddy did before him.
by theconcernedcitizen July 31, 2009
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