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When a woman chooses to let her pubic hair grow out fully, to not trim it or shape it in any way. It is based on a paragraph edited out Sarah Palin's book of the same name where she let it slip that she has never trimmed her pubic hair because it helps her to stay warm in those long Alaskan winters. The natural funk scent build-up it also rumored to scare away bears and wolves.
Bristol: Levi! Wow, did you see how big and angry that Kodiak Bear was?

Levi: Yeah Bristol, I'm sure glad your Mom was "Going Rogue" and the bear got one whiff of that and ran like hell.
by Archanimal July 27, 2010
Is a sexual act a man performs on a woman when he penis has failed him, just won't work, is too damaged from overuse or just doesn't exist. It consists of one or two meaty-sausage like fingers placed inside your lady friend, stimulating her "G-Spot" while simultaneously performing oral sex on her...
"Dude, I had WAY too much to drink last night and "Mr. Happy" just wouldn't cooperate, but Muffy insisted on getting off, so I gave her three orgasms using the Chaz Bono. She screamed her head off and then passed out, sweet, sweet victory...
by Archanimal May 16, 2011
When your woman shows a deep, DEEP desire for men "of Color" and you have to up your sexual game to keep her interest.
Biff: "Dude, I saw Muffy down dancing with Deshawn and Julio at that Club in Long Beach, what are you going to do?"
Chip: "I'm going to drag her little pink ass back up here to Manhattan Beach for some Vaginal Regentrification!"
by Archanimal September 11, 2010
An attractive young female who pretends to be a lesbian to break into porn, to get famous or to become a "model".
You know Muffy really hates going down on other women but she has to play the pretenzbian game until she makes it as a model.
by Archanimal April 10, 2011
When you tell a huge lie to get ahead in the world, gather street cred or to gain advantage with the ladies. Based on the realization that NBC's anchorman has been less than truthful in some of his reporting.
Bro #1: Dude, I finally got Missy to go home with me, it was awesome.
Bro #2: Fuck you, no WAY, she turned you down at least eleven times.
Bro #1: I know, I had to totally use the Brian Williams to get in her pants.
Bro #2: Dude you are the master.
by Archanimal February 08, 2015
A person that feels the need to point out that Photoshop was used on an image, no matter how super cool or hilarious the results may be. The fact that people ALREADY KNOW that the image is OBVIOUSLY Photoshopped does not discourage them one bit. They think this makes them seem smart or computer savvy.
"Dude, no way is that rooster THAT big, it's Photoshopped...!" "No REALLY, seven foot roosters aren't real...? I had NO idea, quit being such a Photoshop Tattletale, you're spoiling our fun..."
by Archanimal October 30, 2012
When someone wants your lane on the freeway but doesn't want to signal or speed up or slow down to get it and you're just supposed to read their mind and give them space...
Check out that idiot on the 405 lane leaning to get my lane, I'm going to box him out until he learns to signal, dumb ass...
by Archanimal October 01, 2012
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