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When you take a dump in a bathtub. Then you roll around in it.
That gleeper didn't wash off well enough. He had a little poop stain on his hair and I found out he was a gleeper.
by Your own buttocks December 19, 2009
Slang for skill. Usually in the context of an individual who completely outshines his opponents as if he as stolen their abilities and skills. A gleeper is one who gleeps.
Did you see that dunk? Pure gleep man.
by mastergleep December 06, 2014
A slang term meaning purloin, filtch, rifle; in short, steal
I bet he never even gleeped anything!
by Dr. Evazan May 30, 2011
Your collection of contacts in your "Circles" on Google+. All of your Google "peeps".

Akin to "tweeps" (on Twitter).
Man, it's great that I can pick out which circles I want to post to on Google+. Because I've got so many gleeps - but keeping track of friends, girlfriends and hook-ups can be exhausting.
by Joe T Diggs August 03, 2011
To shoot saliva in a stream from ones mouth while holding the tongue to the roof of the mouth.

This is either done on purpose or by accident.
Cindy would always gleep at us when she got mad.
by Amadscientist April 21, 2009
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