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Someone passionately hates the show Glee. The opposite of a gleek. Gleep.
I'm a gleep, where as friggen' idiots are gleeks. GLEE SUCKS.
by HANNAH BEADS January 05, 2011
an amorous older fellow who sniff younger girls' bicycle seats
God, that guy is such a gleep! He's been hanging around that bike rack for hours!
by sassmenagerie July 04, 2009
person who sucks the farts out of movie theater seats
that girl megan is such a gleep
by forrest m February 10, 2007
to steal; theft
Arthur gleeps ice cream bars. That aardvark is tough; he's the greatest gleeper in the world. Arthur: "I'm a regular gleeping machine!"
by AardvarksAreGood April 10, 2009
To theft ice cream bars.
Aurthur gleeped the ice cream bar.
by urban care June 28, 2008
Small-time theft. I.E: the theft of hats, or other small-time items.
He gleeped that man's hat.
by DJ Chronos November 01, 2004