Onomatopoeia, meaning to sound like "Gleep."
"Gleep! Gleep, Gleep, Gleep!"
by Ye Pugh March 07, 2005
Someone passionately hates the show Glee. The opposite of a gleek. Gleep.
I'm a gleep, where as friggen' idiots are gleeks. GLEE SUCKS.
by Han23443 January 05, 2011
A very offensive word in Albania. The punishment for uttering the word is to be thrown into a fishpond wearing only a fishfood coating...
"Don't say 'Gleep'; an Albanian might hear you!"
by Raphael the Uberpotato April 11, 2008
An unknown or suspicious form of illness
He's home in bed with the gleep.
by Bertable May 25, 2007
to steal; theft
Arthur gleeps ice cream bars. That aardvark is tough; he's the greatest gleeper in the world. Arthur: "I'm a regular gleeping machine!"
by AardvarksAreGood April 10, 2009
To theft ice cream bars.
Aurthur gleeped the ice cream bar.
by urban care June 28, 2008
Small-time theft. I.E: the theft of hats, or other small-time items.
He gleeped that man's hat.
by DJ Chronos November 01, 2004
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