An unknown or suspicious form of illness
He's home in bed with the gleep.
by Bertable May 25, 2007
To steal something from someone, right in front of their eyes.
Yo I gleeped that niggas socks from his feet when he was wearing shoes.
by z3d. June 25, 2005
Someone passionately hates the show Glee. The opposite of a gleek. Gleep.
I'm a gleep, where as friggen' idiots are gleeks. GLEE SUCKS.
by HANNAH BEADS January 05, 2011
an amorous older fellow who sniff younger girls' bicycle seats
God, that guy is such a gleep! He's been hanging around that bike rack for hours!
by sassmenagerie July 04, 2009
person who sucks the farts out of movie theater seats
that girl megan is such a gleep
by forrest m February 10, 2007
random word used mainly on msn. Some even say its the noise snails make.
Person1 : Gleep?!?!?

Person2 : Wdf??!?!?!
by Cheese?!?!?!?!?! July 11, 2006
steal in a takingly fashon, it is used to describe things whil in the process of gleeping them (plural of gleep)
hey, u want me to gleep you one of those dice, they are free
lets go gleeping
the cops are gonna catch me if i gleep this
by Jason Ginsberg April 23, 2006

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