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what used to be called a nerd in the 50's in milwaukee
john is so square that he's a gleep
by daniel f ring August 25, 2005
To steal something from someone, right in front of their eyes.
Yo I gleeped that niggas socks from his feet when he was wearing shoes.
by z3d. June 25, 2005
Onomatopoeia, meaning to sound like "Gleep."
"Gleep! Gleep, Gleep, Gleep!"
by Ye Pugh March 07, 2005
verb: to shoot a small droplet of spit through the teeth
Boys tend to be better gleepers than girls
by texan May 05, 2004
Someone passionately hates the show Glee. The opposite of a gleek. Gleep.
by HANNAH BEADS January 05, 2011
an amorous older fellow who sniff younger girls' bicycle seats
God, that guy is such a gleep! He's been hanging around that bike rack for hours!
by sassmenagerie July 04, 2009
A very offensive word in Albania. The punishment for uttering the word is to be thrown into a fishpond wearing only a fishfood coating...
"Don't say 'Gleep'; an Albanian might hear you!"
by Raphael the Uberpotato April 11, 2008