1. The most craptastic show on FOX since Family Guy. Featuring fake and contrived drama, paper thin characters, and writing so witless and godawful it causes brain shrinkage. Supposedly about being high school outcasts, but explores the issue with the most dumbed down and irrelevant examples possible (umm getting splashed with Slurpees??). Preaches diversity, then proceeds to cast the ugliest minorities they could find and rarely lets them sing or speak. Storylines are lame and every joke misses by a mile. Glee's one saving grace is its music, especially the mesmerizing and heavenly voice of Lea Michele. Too bad this usually ends up being 8 minutes of treasure buried under 52 minutes of rhinocerous turd.

2. A way to make millions of dollars off the works of other artists and songwriters.
You don't have to be gay to like Glee, but it sure helps to be a retard.
by CrunchyCookie October 09, 2010
Top Definition
A musical comedy series, also described as if High School Musical was punched in the stomach and had it's lunch money stolen.
I saw the promo for glee this summer and couldn't stop playing Don't stop beliveing in my iPod!
by kurtsie386 November 26, 2009
The Galactic League of Extraterrestrial Exploration. Working with the evil Doctor Space Claw to make an biological army of bugs on Earth. As seen in Starship the musical.
Damn that GLEE, they're always making twisted abominations of everything!
by RemusFreakinLupin May 10, 2011
A show that totally breaks down all of the stereotypes. Oh, except for the fact that this particular Glee Club is full of guys are footballers and girls who are cheerleaders. Meanwhile, anyone who isn't a jock or cheerleader totally worships them and wishes they were one.
Sheesh! I thought that Glee Clubs were just for nerds. Why is this particular Glee Club infested with jocks and cheerleaders? Is the football team at this school full of maths whizzes, chess players, and kids with chronic asthma?
by Peter_File6969 January 22, 2011
Used to express extreme joy.
OMG I got tickets to the ------- concert! glee!
by Dray February 09, 2005
A show with every scandal imaginable :D
Did you watch Glee last night?
Yeah. That was crazy!
by sk8it January 22, 2010
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