a television show that only homosexuals and fat poeple watch.
John watches glee, John is gay.
Emma watches glee, Emma weighs 600 pounds.
#fat #glee #gay #television #overrated
by simoneasaursrex June 19, 2011
Another name for female cum
Sara was looking forward to meeting up with James again, she was beginning to cum, and her glee was starting to show.
#cum #vaginal juices #sex #wet #erotica
by TrubL September 28, 2012
The WORST TV show in history. People kill themselves after watching it! Its just that bad.
Dude 1: "Bro, did you see that new show last night?"
Dude 2: " Which one?"
Dude 1: " The one with the gay people that ruin good songs..."
Dude 2: " Oh, you mean Glee."
Dude 1: " Yah that's it."
Dude 2: "....You're kidding right?..."
#glee #shows #gay #music #songs
by allpunsintended June 14, 2012
Kidz Bop for adults.
Man I can't believe you just paid for a Glee track

What was I thinking

You weren't
#antonyms: good #worth it #bearable #interesting #fun
by mpdubbs17 December 07, 2011
The worst show ever made in the history of the world. its like high school musical on crack. basically its ugly people who can sing worth of fuck who prance around and ruin great songs for all of us. only liked by teens because one psychotic bitch watched it and told other people to watch it. now all the stupid blond fuckers almost kill there selves from the stupid high-pitched voices each week just to seem popular.
...:heey did you watch glee last night?
...:no sadly it was the only thing on so i ate a years supply of light bulbs and licked hundreds of lightbulbs to keep myself amused.
#glee #shite #shit #fuck #depressing #suicidal
The Jelly like substance that can be found on a bad poo of someone suffering from IBS, and keeps coming even if there is no poo later!
what the hell is God Dam GLEE on my television
#poo #ibs #suffering #jelly #glee
by BigBonedUK January 11, 2010
Television series that's a thinly veiled attempt to capitalize on the success of High School Musical and American Idol. Annoying popular.
Girl: OMG!!! Did you see Glee last night?!?
Guy: No, and the next person that asks me will be sorry they did.
#fad #american idol #high school musical #incessant #annoying
by klopek007 February 21, 2010
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