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a clever, funny show about a high school glee club
glee is a pretty good show on fox.
by glee123 October 11, 2009
1. The most craptastic show on FOX since Family Guy. Featuring fake and contrived drama, paper thin characters, and writing so witless and godawful it causes brain shrinkage. Supposedly about being high school outcasts, but explores the issue with the most dumbed down and irrelevant examples possible (umm getting splashed with Slurpees??). Preaches diversity, then proceeds to cast the ugliest minorities they could find and rarely lets them sing or speak. Storylines are lame and every joke misses by a mile. Glee's one saving grace is its music, especially the mesmerizing and heavenly voice of Lea Michele. Too bad this usually ends up being 8 minutes of treasure buried under 52 minutes of rhinocerous turd.

2. A way to make millions of dollars off the works of other artists and songwriters.
You don't have to be gay to like Glee, but it sure helps to be a retard.
by CrunchyCookie October 09, 2010
A show on Fox that, while witty, is very insisting upon itself and often has VERY poor choice in the music is covers.
Glee Fan: OMG i love glee!!

John: Yea, but it sometime has music that SUCKS
by a somewhat smart person May 24, 2010
A popular Musical comedy show, which is almost impossible to describe why it is popular, mainly watched by girls
"Did you watch glee last night?"
"No, I was watching something that didn't make me want to bleed from my eyelids"
by whywatchglee? April 30, 2010
A "show" that people enjoy because of its "it" factor only.

Glee is really a show that expresses extremely large stereotypes and promotes them, not destroy them. What kind of show is against Gay bullying but portrays a Gay as a huge stereotype. That seems to be asking for bullying, not trying to stop it.

Glee is a pathetic soap opera that the Fox network insists on airing. Storylines are inconsistent, and the songs performed generally have nothing to do with the plot. The writing is crude and badly done, with lots of dialogue and messages non-understandable. The producers are also jerks who throw hissy fits whenever artists don't let them use their songs.

It is a trashy show that tries to be revolutionary but fails and only causes more trouble for the people it tries to help.
Glee is an awful excuse for a television show.
by ihategleetoanextent June 15, 2011
the worst show ever that is able to mix awful singers and good music making good and popular songs into atrocious songs that no one can ever love. a wanna be of the well known canadian show Degrassi.
Girl 1: Hey, d you wanna come over and watch Glee?

2: No, I'd rather NOT feel like killing my self tonight thanks!
by zomghpluv February 06, 2011
A show that resembles high school musical; where the characters cant sing or lip-sync for crap. Their voices are baby-ish sounding and all sound a like, just like the cast of high school musical. The story line of the show is weak and uninteresting.
mom: Why are you watching High School Musical?

me: I'm not. It's Glee....

mom: They sound baby-ish just like in HSM..
by orangejuice2010 December 14, 2010