a clever, funny show about a high school glee club
glee is a pretty good show on fox.
by glee123 October 11, 2009
Glee is the best show on FOX. It helps address the stereotypes of highschool and shows how kids, with a passion for singing, deal with it. They have a topic for each week and they sing songs of their choice about that topic.

For example, they had a Stevie Wonder week and they all sung nothing but Stevie Wonder.
Most of the time the topic is chosen based off of what the Glee Club coordinator sees is going on with them, and hopes addressing it with songs will help.

WARNING: The show WILL make you cry.
1: Did you see Glee last night?
1: I KNOW RIGHT?!? He cheated and that song and him breaking down, ahhhhh

2: Lets go cry about life while listening to Glee songs to try to mend out broken hearts.
by GLEEK4LIFE September 02, 2013
a form of Tourette syndrome in which you cant go without singing a song for 5 minuets.

The most serious form of this is know as Schuester Glee Tourette syndrome disorder in which you have the compassion to sing just journey songs or pre 60s songs.
Mick: hay did you see Phil over there singing

Kert: don't mess with him he has the glee

Phil: no i have full blown Schuester Glee Tourette syndrome disorder

Kert and Mick: *face palm*
by Mr.Lemones October 15, 2011
An intelligent musical comedy. It breaks down the established stereotypes of high school cliques in a feel good comedy drama, interspersed with catchy song covers and dances.

Single Ladies dance, It's my life / Confessions Part II mash up and Don't stop believing. Need I say more?
Quarterback: What's this glee club all about?
Mathslete: Well, you should go check it out. Who knows, you might actually discover something about yourself in the process.
Sue: Yes we cane!
by smalltownboy October 11, 2009
A show that resembles high school musical; where the characters cant sing or lip-sync for crap. Their voices are baby-ish sounding and all sound a like, just like the cast of high school musical. The story line of the show is weak and uninteresting.
mom: Why are you watching High School Musical?

me: I'm not. It's Glee....

mom: They sound baby-ish just like in HSM..
by orangejuice2010 December 14, 2010
A show on Fox that, while witty, is very insisting upon itself and often has VERY poor choice in the music is covers.
Glee Fan: OMG i love glee!!

John: Yea, but it sometime has music that SUCKS
by a somewhat smart person May 24, 2010
Listening to it is like your ears are being given tap-dancing lessons by a well-oiled guy named Toby. Yes, even when the girls are singing.

Would not recommend it.
Glee is part of the growing trend where works think they're being subversive even though they're playing it completely straight.
by roncomon August 06, 2011
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