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A show that totally breaks down all of the stereotypes. Oh, except for the fact that this particular Glee Club is full of guys are footballers and girls who are cheerleaders. Meanwhile, anyone who isn't a jock or cheerleader totally worships them and wishes they were one.
Sheesh! I thought that Glee Clubs were just for nerds. Why is this particular Glee Club infested with jocks and cheerleaders? Is the football team at this school full of maths whizzes, chess players, and kids with chronic asthma?
by Peter_File6969 January 22, 2011
THEN: A briliant British comedian who helped create and starred in The Office and Extras.

NOW: An annoying little atheist who has completely sold out, starring in vanity projects such as Ghost Town and The Invention of Lying. Can't go thirty seconds without mentioning he is an atheist.
I loved Ricky Gervais in The Office and Extras, but he totally sold out to smug American liberal Audiences by making The Invention of Lying. In addition, he has lost weight and is getting a tan to be some kind of sexier fat guy in order to get more 'romantic comedy' roles.

In ten years from now, people will be saying "man Ricky Gervais was hillarious, until he moved to America and started playing the same character over and over again (fat, depressed single guy) in every movie he made."
by Peter_File6969 November 30, 2010

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