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The act of being Gibboed is to receive an extreme amount of anger from someone with little to no reason for doing so.

Although being "Gibboed" is becoming a trend amongst groups recently, Be extremely cautious when you receive your "Gibbo".
Justin: Hey Ryan why wont this computer log-on?

Ryan: I don't know.

Justin: Arghhh#!3"4%6%$$$!!!!!!! (Becomes incredibly angry/ Blames whoevers closest to him for whatever is upsetting him).

This is being "Gibboed".
by TheGiftThatJustKeepsGiving March 26, 2014
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when someone is drunk after having too many malibu or vodka cocktails and is another way of saying that someone is wankered, smashed or hammered.
Guy 1: I'm gonna drink 6 cans of Heiniken beer tonight lads!

Guy 2: Don't do it! You'll get absoloutely gibboed mate!
by Crazy H March 23, 2012

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