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A black guy can say "Black pride" all he wants, and everyone say's he's celebrating his heritage.

However, if a white person says "White pride", he's automatically a member of the KKK.

Now, I'm no racist. I have no problem with black people at all. However, what's up with this? I guess it was made up by the pinko commie liberal bastards who are ruining our country. Why can't we ship them all to some South Pacific island?
White Person - "White pride!"

Liberal Person - "Shut the fuck up, racist!"

Black Person - "Black pride!"

Liberal Person - "Good job on celebrating your heritage!"

Me - "WTF!?"
by AJAW December 03, 2004
The act of dropping a Battlestar several times the size of a Nimitz-class carrier into the atmosphere and going into freefall whilst launching fighters. The Battlestar then jumps back out into orbit less than 100 feet from the ground, leaving a flaming silhouette in its place and creating a megaginormous thunderclap. Also known as the Husker Hailmary, the Maneuver was patented by Admiral William Adama, one of the greatest TV characters of all time on Battlestar Galactica (best show on television) and was one of the centerpieces of probably the best BSG (best show on television) episodes yet, "Exodus, Part II".
"Dude, the Adama Maneuver is completely infeasible when it comes to physics!"
"STFU n00b! It's BSG (best show on television)! Who cares?"
by AJAW October 28, 2006
The most common form of sex. This type of sex is accomplished when a man thrusts his penis in and out of a woman's vagina from the front or from behind.
Most of the time, people have vaginal sex.
by AJAW December 31, 2004
Very funny show in which skater and former 'Jackass' star Bam Margera does stupid stuff that makes many people, including me, laugh. Often does stuff that pisses his uncle Don Vito off, such as hanging his car up in a tree.
Viva La Bam is like Jackass, but better.

Bam Margera: what will he do next?
'Whatever the fuck I want."
by AJAW July 03, 2004
A country that is full of people who respect the United States as much as many US citizens respect them. A great country overall, with very nice people, nice cars and good beer.
Remember: It's the German government that hates the US, not the general German public.
by AJAW October 01, 2004
One of Hollywood's 'pretty boys' who proved that he's actually a good actor with 'The Bourne Identity', and will most likely continue to prove this with TBI's two upcoming sequels, 'The Bourne Supremacy' and 'The Bourne Ultimatum'.
The Bourne Identity kicked a lot of ass.
by AJAW July 18, 2004
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